How To Make The Best Use of AI In Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is already transforming the face of marketing and is helping optimise and speed up the different marketing tasks that can improve customer experience. It eases many tasks and automates them to improve business efficiency in computing solutions. AI has taken a big role in transforming the lives of companies in many subtle ways.

Let’s take the example of computing. For instance, if you drive a car, you may spend time in traffic. With the use of AI, you make things simpler. It reduces your commuting time and adjusts accordingly to provide you with real-time information and data according to congestion, construction, and accidents. Also, companies like Ola and Uber use this technology to ensure that customers have a better experience by predicting time, ride, destination, traffic, etc.

Moreover, many e-commerce businesses and online service provider platforms also understand the use of AI in digital marketing and have been using it in optimising the campaign and increasing return on investment. AI influences many aspects of life through chatbots, smart devices, content creation, speech recognition, image recognition technology, and robotics. These things help in offering a better user experience and improving brand value.

In What Ways is AI Helpful for Marketers to Improve a Brand?

Companies need to see the benefits of AI from a business perspective rather than by seeing it just as its technology. Broadly speaking AI can help a business in three areas: automation, gaining data insights and engaging with customers. One cannot stay away from its amazing benefits for a long time. Let’s deep dive into some of the uses of AI in digital marketing and how it is helpful for companies.

  1. It helps in increasing business productivity: With the help of AI algorithms, you can ease and automate any monotonous job which will improve and save your time, energy, and money. 
  2. It will help you perform more efficiently: When you have helpful AI tools, you can enhance and improve the quality of staff productivity. Using automation tools, there will be more punctuality, correctness, and timeliness. AI can help in handling repetitious tasks like collecting leads from marketing campaigns, data input, sending replies, emails, and replying to customers’ queries. 
  3. It boosts return of investment (ROI): Many automatic tasks and jobs can be automated with AI. Many experts believe that AI is reducing costs, increasing productivity, and lowering costs. It is assisting the organization in increasing productivity and decreasing the cost that assists in building higher-performing content. 
  4. Get deeper understandings and data information: Data is very helpful in making business decisions. The more you get deeper insights into data, the easy it becomes to take decisions. Nowadays, business trends can be acquired by machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. It can accurately analyze and forecast the actions of customer purchasing patterns before they buy. 
  5. Creates compelling marketing: AI can guide a company in removing the guesswork. With the AI-driven research approach, you can develop a more effective marketing campaign for your company where you can evaluate data, improve user experience and offer the consumer what they truly looking for.  

How is AI in Digital Marketing helping Companies?

AI is transforming many areas and industrial sectors and is also expected to have some great returns for the future of AI in digital marketing. It is constantly evolving and helping brands to do business in industries in various sectors from finance and technology to the retail sector. Let’s look at the AI possibilities in the way of digital marketers and how it is setting new examples in the digital marketing world.  

1. Targeted marketing

Convincing users about your brand and service is an important part of target marketing. How will you convince the audience to take products/services from you? Using the help of AI in virtual assistants, consumer segmentation, or smart design for individual experiences. These strategies have taken over traditional marketing and now marketers can utilize customized data to find out what buyers are interested in buying. 

2. Automated marketing

If you want to automate your digital marketing strategies and be specific about your plans and task then automation and personalization is the best way to do it. Artificial intelligence techniques can help you in making and doing things just like you want which will result in a high grade in marketing. Businesses can use it as a major advantage in finding clients and increasing sales revenue such as automating pay-per-click (PPC) ads, search ads, display ads, conversion rates, social media marketing, email marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), keyword research, and search engine optimization (SEO).

3. Understand your customers better

AI will help in analyzing business large volume of data and predicting customer behaviour and decision while making a purcahse. This will help in effectively making efforts to a specific audience and also contribute to increasing customer satisfaction. Also, through this marketers will get a chance to turn the leads into sales at optimum period and drive conversion rate. 

4. AI-powered content marketing

One of the easy ways to progress in marketing is to find the right customer at the right time. This will be achieved and accomplished by doing market research to find out what people are worried about and what should be the audience target market such as their age group, income, education, and so on. 

With the help of Artificial Intelligence techniques, one can easily draw attention to those areas with precision.

5. AI-driven customer relationship management

AI plays a helpful role in managing customer relationships. Using AI technology, companies can get real-time insights and predict future sales. Users can find out the right issue and analyze it using statistical models to take the next decision. Chatbots are now the most prevalent AI model used by many websites to build customer relationships via an automated workflow. Also, it is a very cost-effective approach to growing customers and nurturing them. By monitoring customer data later, you can find out which prospect can likely become your customer. Therefore, you can target those for conversion.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing? Show Some Real-Life Examples!

AI can build simulation models that help companies personalise purchasing processes using machine learning technologies and virtual assistant interactions. Many big companies have adopted Artificial Intelligence to make their tasks simpler and connect with customers in a better and more efficient way.

Let’s look at some top brands on how they have used Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing strategies.

1. Magnolia Market and Lenskart Bridges Online-to-Offline

Magnolia Market, the brick-and-mortar shop possessed by Joanna and Chip Gaines, is popular for offering a great customer experience. They have created a storefront and an augmented reality app that lets shoppers view 3D products in their homes. Similarly, Lenkskart also offers Ai technology that lets users try the latest frame styles on them using a virtual face. This technology has increased the sale of both brands and today, many other brands are using this service including jewellery brands as well.

2. Starbucks Uses Personal Recommendation Predictive Analytics to Serve Customers Better

Many researchers believe that companies that can identify customers’ needs through predictive analysis can increase their revenue by 21%. Starbucks has created brand loyalty as well as with the mobile app they collect and personalize customer data. 

3. Alibaba Physical Store FashionAI Can Detect When Item is Touched  

The famous retail store Alibaba has opened a physical “FashionAI” store in Hong Kong that streamlines all fashion clothing and customer experiences through Artificial Intelligence. The garments at the store have tags that can be detected by smart mirrors when it is touched. Moreover, Alibaba also plans to integrate the brick-and-mortar store with a virtual wardrobe app that will let the customer find clothes they have tried on-store.

4. Amazon Launches Personalized Product Recommendations

Amazon is a frontiersperson in utilising machine learning algorithms in offering customers a better experience. They use extended challenging capabilities in running sites on Amazon Web Services by helping customers find the personalized and most relevant products related to their past shopping experience and the product they have seen.

5. Sephora uses Chatbots to help customer narrow their choices

When a customer visits the Sephora website, they ask a handful of questions related to their product preferences via a chatbot. This helps customers get the product listed as what they are looking for. 

6. eBay drives email marketing success through brand language optimization

Global e-commerce store eBay us using Artificial intelligence technology since 2016. It engages customers using the AI-powered customer experience platform Phrasee which enhances the marketing copy of the email.

From offering valuable insights to many brands to offering a customized shopping experience driven by technology-enabled assistance, AI in marketing is one of the biggest advantages in building the overall customer experience.

If you still have not tried AI in digital marketing yet, it’s time to take advantage of new technology to improve customer engagement strategies. Contact us to get help with the latest technologies right away!

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