Why Writing A Blog For Your Website Is Still Important?

This is the digital time where around 4 billion people are connected to the internet all over the world. There has never been a better time than this time for any business to make the best use of the internet and use the benefits of blogging in their marketing strategy.

Blogging is very important for your business not only to provide information to customers but with blogging you can also evolve your business into the online world, increase website visitors, improve page rank, be on the top position of google, and build your brand credibility. Also, if you want to share any information, express strong opinions, and grow your business then blogging is still most appreciated and important than ever for your business.

Many B2B marketers too understand blog importance and include to get 67% more leads as compared to a website without a blog page.

Check out below the benefits of blogging and why every website owner must include a blog on their website.

What Does Blogging Do For Your Website

Drive Traffic to your Website

When you do blogging regularly on your website, include relevant keywords into your content, and work on your SEO, you can easily bring the right traffic to your wbeiste. The more you will blog and write content, the more search engine will crawl and index your website pages. This means when your website will be filled with content and regularly gets updated with new blogs, search engines will recognize your website is useful for visitors. Plus, you can prepare content that your audience likes and enjoy reading.

Even many data tell that those companies that regularly blog receive 97% more links to their website from different sources.

Build your brand reputation

A website that has useful information tells the audience and customers that your business is a trusted source. When you will write a high-quality blog on your website about an interesting topic, it will present that your business is selling something valuable and useful. Therefore, many customers will trust you.

This will also build value that proved that the right content will prove credibility and increase conversions.

Connect with visitors/ customers

When you blog, you can easily convey your message or tell any features about your product and service to convince your visitors better. Encourage readers to comment on your blog to know what your audience feel and what is their feedback.

If you find their feedback important, you can answer your audience and even make ways to improve or take their suggestions.

When you will answer each one of them, it will humanize your company and you can tell them that you care for their opinion.

Appear more trustworthy to your potential clients

People trust the written word more and blogs improve the trust level of your organization or venture. So, make sure that you offer accurate content and encourage discussions so that visitors feel more connected to your content and trust your brand better. Also, by writing a blog regularly, you will see the increased trust of your business in your brand and they will relate more with you!

Which Marketing Channels also gets Benefited From Blogging

Social Media attracts more followers

Have you ever strumbled to find something to post on your business social media profile? With a successful blog on your website, you can share on the right social media channel to check your blog and even prepare social media content relating to the blog you have written. This will let you know better which type of content is engaging users and which lead them to the website.

The importance of blog creation will grow your audience and highlight the different aspects of the post each time.

Email Marketing also perform better

You might have received many emails stating to subscribe to their blog post or share about their new blog update via email. This is a great way to bring traffic to your website even many marketers follow this strategy in generating clicks, conversion, and audience.

For more tips on how to write an effective blog, check our previous blog post.

It’s the best time to enjoy the benefits of blogging!!

By now you must know why to write a blog and how it can benefit your business and brand. The above reasons are sure enough to make you understand why blogging is essential for your business. In short, if you have a website and don’t have a blog, it is losing great clientele. After all, most people first do a Google search to find anything and they certainly prefer the top position link. And, to reach on top of Google you must work on your blog and content with relevant keywords.

So, before you start your blogging, carefully analyze the points and things that will support your brand identity into existing marketing efforts.

In case you are unsure where to start and how to write, you can always consider a professional’s help that will help you in writing an efficient blog for your website and you can enjoy the benefits of blogging.

Tell us in the comment section below what do you think about website traffic blog importance and whether your website has a blog page or not!

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