Top 10 Brand Design Elements Your Brand Must Have

Just like you have a unique identity which separates you from other, similarly, a brand also has a unique identity that separates them from other business. And, your brand identity design is a visual identity design that shapes your company.

But, the question is here, what is brand identity design and why a business must have one? And, how to create a unique brand design online that has a strong and unique presence and help your business take the next level?

In this post ahead, we will take you through some most popular brand identity elements that every business must-have for the marketing and goodwill of their brand.

Before you started to think of any fancy design, logo, or a quirky name, we want to highlight some important thing that only great brands use.

‘Consistency’ is something that sets the standard of your business. Don’t doubt consistency with any other thing. I am talking about ‘Visual consistency’, whether you are a solopreneur with a personal brand or a big Fortune 500 company, the rule to create a brand design firm will be the same.

Your visual impression makes your business looks professional and probably clients/customers will also treat it professionally.

How to develop a strong brand identity design?

Before you learn to know the brand elements, you need to know who you are as a brand?

A brand is your business identity therefore; you must closely and carefully select an ideal one after knowing corporate identity items list.

brand identity structure

Who you are as a brand and what key elements should be important?

  • Your business mission (what is it and “why?”)
  • Your brand values (what opinions and principles drive your company?)
  • Your brand character and its function (what does your brand do and what services and products it offers?)
  • Your brand’s unique place (how does your brand differ from your competition?)
  • Your brand voice (if your brand could speak, what voice and what communication it would do?)

So, before you start building your brand, question yourself on how will you define your brand and get to know about your brand better.

In case, you are still doubtful and didn’t get any answer clearly about your brand then don’t sweat it. You may need a simple brainstorming that will help you make your decision better.

Ahead, you will find some important brand identity components you need to consider for your brand, whether you are just starting out or still struggling. Finding an answer to these questions will make your brand a success.

Brand Design Elements That Your Brand/Business Must Have

Here are a few essential elements that your brand must-have. Check down here how to create a brand identity and tick off the things you already have or don’t.


The brand name is one of the first things people notice in your business. Therefore, you should find an original and creative name which stays on people’s mind forever. 

You have to be careful while choosing the name as this will stay with your company forever for your brand. The good name of your brand will mean that it will stay forever on people’s mind like Google or iPhone or Facebook. 

These two are quite a popular brand identity example name and are chosen very carefully. Carefully means, nobody knew what is Google and what does it mean until it arrived, it sounds like a short, clear and funny name. 

The word “iPhone” is rather interesting one which is a combination of “I” and “phone” which sounds like “my phone”, “I am a phone”. The logic is exceptional.

Again “Facebook” is also a unique name that was never used before and came out as a new unique name that attracted people to use it. 

The logo is one of the most essential company brand design and visual trademarks that identify the brand with its design elements.

To name a few, brands such as Nike, Adidas, Apple, Audi, Mercedes, etc. are known and popular by its logo only. People pay thousands and lakhs to buy an Apple gadget to show off its logo.

When you see a computer, laptop, phone with an apple on its back, you know the brand and its value.  

And, similarly, Nike’s swoosh, Mercedes’s star, and Audi’s 4 rings have become so well known that the name doesn’t need to appear but its logo is representing its name well.

A logo is the meaning for your brand that sets the standard that lives everywhere.


Fonts are another popular aspect of branding which explains that every style of writing has its own identity. A business can have 2 or three fonts for their brand which will represent the philosophy of their business and people will connect with it.

There are many font style options and some brand has chosen a separate font for their brand. 

For instance, Victoria secret has reserved simple font for their brand such as Hugo Boss. The second brand I want to talk about is Coca Cola. The Coca Cola logo is a font which is written by hand. 

Even McDonalds’ “M” letter is more than just a letter. It is a trademark of McDonald that depicts its brand. 

Therefore, if you are on the verge of designing your brand and want to create a big impact with it then consider branding its font. Fonts play an integral part in how people perceive it.

Colour Theme

Many brand’s colours represent their product and employees including their logo, their uniform, etc. Owens-Corning is one of the popular fibreglass insulation brands that is pink in colour and probably the only brand of this colour.

UPS (United Parcel Service) has brown coloured trucks and employee uniform are a trademark for its drivers that can be easily identified.

Also, the beauty brand Sephora has a unqiue way of handling their customers over the bill counter by wearing one black glove to hold the product in one hand. This makes it a crucial brand element.

When any brand uses their brand colour to its full, then slowly the customer will also start recognizing that colour with your brand name. 

Therefore, it is one of the reasons why Tiffany & Co. robin egg blue colour is their trademarked since the year 1998.


Great brands always have great stories. Thereby, if you are starting up with a new brand you must tell your story to your customers so that they connect with it. It is also one of the best brand identity package that selles your product well.

Think of any of your fav brand’s story.

Let’s take Nike’s story!

Nike was created to offer help to runners by offering them lighter and more durable shoes.

Over time, they have used their brand extension and started offering other design shoes and even clothes. Now, their brand has grown immensely and turned into one of the largest sports brands in the world.

Animation and Graphics

Another element is graphics and animation which also plays an equally important role as your logo. Even branded graphics are used to complement the primary logo and make your brand looks more impactful and unique. 

Graphics works typically for branding your assets. You can utilize great graphic talent by including full-colour pallet and demonstrating the designs as a specific element logo. 

You can use a good animation and graphic for the entry of your logo. It will create a big impression and make your logo looks more impactful. 


You might have seen tonnes of videos online on different social media networks such as Facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc. They might have caught your attention and others too because it is very powerful.

Videos can help in creatively branding your business as well as engage people too.  

No matter what you are selling, a video fits for all types of business and engage users into your product and service you are displaying.


Whether you are using original pictures or stock images, you should be consistent and possess similar and consistent qualities.

You can choose uniformed editing which will be published on your site or any social media network. Choose a branded filter and present it fantastically to ensure that each photo resonates with others. 

For instance, a clothing store, jewellery brand, furniture store, travel agency, etc. must create an eye-catching and engaging photo. You can choose a theme and stick to those colour throughout.  

Advertising Tools

Today’s time has grown immensely and without advertising your brand couldn’t reach its level. You may require multiple advertising tools like flyers, banners, catalogues, posters, etc. for its promotion. 

We see a whole lot of magic of counted elements that greatly works for the benefit of your brand. Even online advertising on various social media platforms, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc. everything plays a major role in defining your brand among the online audience. 

As these days, whenever a customer gets to know of a brand, the first thing they do is Google it. If they find any satisfying results and answers to their question, they may want to precede it.

Not just new brands but big and established ones also ensure that they focus on advertising and digital marketing for the promotion of their brand.

Sound and Voice

It is also beneficial for a brand to keep a sound or voice for their brand. Probably, when one hears a brand name, they just thought of a jingle in mind. 

We have hundreds of examples with sound and music such as Intel, ESPN’s SportsCenter, Sprite, etc. 

The way these brands speak to a customer is unique in their way and this makes customer also distinguish it from others. 


brand positioning

Creating brand design is one of the simplest and easiest ways to gain presence among your customers. With the help of your brand design, you can attract people attention and sell them your service and product. Probably, when your brand becomes popular and leaves an impression on their mind, you don’t have to make much effort on its branding.

You can contact brand identity services that not only helps you in offering all brand identity elements but also they ensure that your brand reaches people’s mind and vision.

Tell us in the comments below what is your business stage and have you adopted these brand design elements for your business/brand?

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