Why 87% of Online Marketers Create Video Content – Facts Revealed

Video marketing is the future of Content Marketing. Well, I am not saying it just like that but I have a proof for it. 

Stay focused on this blog. By the end of this post, you will learn why and how video content marketing has become the most demanding thing in internet marketing. 

The majority of the population in the world uses the internet and this has made digital technology cheap than it’s ever been before.

In the last decade, the digital world has taken a big leap. More and more number of people have shifted to computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. that the internet has become a crowded place. 

Now, people can connect with anyone and anywhere without any boundaries. 

Similarly, the content marketing world has also evolved and today only those contents succeed which offers what consumers want.

Fortunately, it has become easier for many of us to keep pace with the cutting-edge forms of content, among which video content marketing is the most refreshing one.

Here I have collected some video marketing tips and facts and why its called as the future of content.

Rise of Video Marketing 

According to news shared by HubSpot, I have collected nine relevant points on Video marketing:

  • Videos posted online are claimed to generate more than 80% of all web traffic in 2019.
  • An email that includes video can increase the click-through rates by 200-300%.
  • Videos embedded in a landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%.
  • About 90% of customers prefer product videos to help them make a better purchasing decision than just pictures.  
  • Users spend maximum time on YouTube via their mobile phones.
  • 87% of top online marketers use video marketing as their most effective digital marketing strategy.
  • Video ads attract more than 35% of all ads online.
  • Majority of companies decide to work with another company after watching a video as compared to reading an article. 
  • James McQuivey (a digital marketing expert) estimates that a single minute video has equal recognition as compared with 1.8 million words.

These facts are just not enough!?

The below infographic has some more statistics data on video content marketing.

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Here’s the catch for you!

Powerful Reasons to include Video in your content

Learn below why video content marketing is a great way to engage visitors and increase conversions rate on your website.

Video Increases Conversions and improves Sales

Videos can help greatly in generating leads and adding value to your content. If you add video into a product on your website or landing page then it will bound to increase conversions by up to 80%. 

Even some videos have the power to generate direct sales. 

Many studies have also shown that explainer-video helps about 74% of users to purchase the product. 

So, if you want to succeed then you should contact a video content creator and boost engagement massively for your business.

Video Builds Trust among your customers

Trust is the number one factor that every business aims to reach. The entire relationship between a seller and a customer is built on trust and long-term associations. So, instead of selling your services, you should reach out to them with interesting and useful information. 

Probably, the needy one will reach you out.

The new digital era focuses on the ignition, not just traffic, and your old customers spread and advocate your content.

Video marketing agencies will do it all for you! 

This is the reason that video marketing services in India have become the best solution to reach your customers with better content.

Promotional videos have the power to make your brand/ business reputable in the market. Probably, businesses trust them more because 57% of consumers purchase from online after watching a promotional video. 

Google Loves Videos and Ranks Video Content High

We should do all those things that are appreciated by Google, after all, our motive is to rank on top of search engine pages.

Video content on your site allows the user to spend more time which builds more engagement and longer exposure.

You build trust which signals Google that your content is good and engaging.

Even data record says that with video content you have 53 times more chance to show up on the first page of Google. 

But before you upload one, ensure that you optimize your video and follow Youtube SEO tips. 

Include an interesting and engaging description and add a link to your site that gives potential customers encouragement to take actions.

Video marketing can improve your site’s SEO

As already discussed that Google loves video, do you know about 65% of businesses decide after seeing a branded good quality video on the site?

A video can do wonders what a plain simple content won’t do. We are not saying pure content doesn’t have importance, it truly has but the video has better and easier power to engage customers as compared to plain content.

Even, HubSpot agrees that 39% of business makers contact a vendor after watching a branded video.  

By adding video to your website and landing page, you can easily push the company’s SEO value and improve click-through rates.

Video content performs well on all devices

Whether you are targeting mobile devices users or desktop users, videos certainly perform well on both these platforms

Marketing video content is the biggest trends that many best online marketers follow with responsive design. 

When content doesn’t perform well in a device then it might lose traffic and might face lower conversion rates. Fortunately, video content has the power to engage all types of audience on different devices ranging from phone to computers. 

This has expanded video’s reach greatly.

Video Marketing can explain everything to user

video content

Whether you are launching any new product or service, video content marketing will fetch you good results.

98% of users agree that they have first watched an explainer video of a product or service, before choosing it.

This is the big reason that about 45% of online business use b2b video marketing strategy on their home page. Among them, 83% said that their explainer video was effective.

Or, if you want to explain a different concept with the help for video then the animated video can never go wrong.

Animated videos are entertaining, nostalgic, engaging, as well as simplistic. All of this work great for your business. 

Bonus Tip: Video Ads even works Marvels

Well, this bonus tip sums up everything!

Quick question – Why do you create a video content ad?

To engage users on your product!

Youtube Video ad has an average click-through-rate of 6%. This is the highest CTR of all online ad formats! 

Also, the 15-second non-skippable ad has a completion rate of 92%. For skippable video ads, the CTR is 9%.

Without a doubt, videos are the most effective marketing phenomenon on the internet.

So, get started and create video content.

Learn some videos marketing tips and you are ready to bring in customers and leads.


Video advertising can open doors for many new clients and customers which might be sitting in a nutshell.

Video content concept is growing with each passing day and is ready to spread across the globe. 

But, it is not as easy as you think.

Marketing video content requires creativity and human psychology which will only be possible with the help of professionals. 

As soon as a great video enters the internet, no one can stop it from being the top newsmaker or generate maximum engagement.

So, if you have tried multiple digital marketing hacks and didn’t get any satisfying result then it’s time that you should try different types of video marketing!

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