Why Digital Marketing is a Must for your business?

Today we are living a life where a business is nothing if it’s not online!

At one point in time in our life, Digital marketing was a new and different concept for marketing. But with time, this has become a necessity for almost every business on this planet!

This blog is self-realization and enlightenment for all those who are living in isolation and are not yet online!

About 70-80% of people first search for a company online before visiting or making a purchase with them. Thereby, if they don’t find you on the web, it will be a big missing factor!

Have a look at some interesting statistical data on the role of digital marketing:

  • 49% of users use Google to find a new item or product online. (Hubspot)
  • 64% of marketers spend their time actively on Search Engine Optimization. (Hubspot)
  • Businesses spend around $110 billion on digital advertising in the US. (eMarketer)
  • Email marketing has allowed businessmen to enhance their ROI by 4400%. (OptinMonster)
  • 78% of sales representative using the social media channel to build leads perform better than their peers. (Screwpile Communications)
  • 63% of marketers have said that the biggest challenge of content writing is to drive traffic and capture leads. (Omnicore)
  • 43% of traffic on e-commerce stores comes from organic Google searches. (Wolfgang Digital).
  • 93% of the Millennials generation use mobile phones to compare an online deal. (Statista).
  • 70% of marketers have analysed that the highest-performing emails were from a person and not a brand. (Databox)
  • 72% of online marketers agree that content creation is the most effective SEO strategy. (isitwp)

These statistical data are a clear indication that Digital Marketing is getting more competitive day by day. Also, it won’t be shocking to imagine that “A business won’t be considered if it’s not digital”.

Certainly, online marketing is everywhere!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing definition is a canopy for marketing.

It means marketing your products and services using digital technology mediums all over the internet.

Yes, when you open up your internet on phone or desktop, everything you see is digital. What you search online, what results in you get, the brands you see as a side advertisement, the website you visit, the youtube video you see, the advertisement window before the video starts, your social media account, your mailbox, all these are perfect Digital marketing examples!

This is the reason every businessman whether small or big want to be seen everywhere (among their audience).

Now, this is not as simple as you have read!

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

There are certain weapons and tactics through which we market your business such as websites, search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine optimization, display advertising, email marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Your best bet would be a Digital Marketing company that will help you in crossing all these mediums at ease!

That’s not all…

Read the below infographic that shows the top 5 digital marketing trends in 2020.

The above digital marketing infographic clearly justifies that marketing online will be the most necessary tool for success. It will be like – “You don’t have a website?” – “Are you living in this world?”.

But, remember- having a website and gaining visitors has a huge gap which will be completed only by efficient digital marketing strategy.

Are you still sceptical about hiring a digital marketing agency?

Well, you are not alone!

Many small business owners come up with multiple reasons to avoid coming in contact with online marketing companies, but a delay is a delay. 

Different small businesses have this notion that they don’t have enough money to spend on online efforts. Also, they believe they are too busy learning their own business concept in general that they don’t want to burden with new goals.

And if some small businesses choose marketing measures, they will stick up with one or two forms of advertising, thinking that their business will rise with time.  

Some small business may even think that the best tactic is to wait for customers; they will show up naturally because they believe in their product.

Either way, this approach won’t be long-lasting and may not guarantee that your business will attract customers or not.

Why does it matter?

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Here are some benefits of digital marketing that won’t just help you understand what you can gain but also your concept will become clearer.

The most influential form of marketing

As soon as you plan to transform your business, marketing online is the way that you to reach your target audience and easily market your product without being pushy.

Here are some real digital marketing strategy examples that will help you know about your reach to your target market and how much it will influence the conversion rate:

  • A candle e-commerce retailer has increased its sales of candles by 714% within 3 months by using paid social media campaign.
  • A building company has increased its traffic by 43% using SEO services.
  • Retarget Facebook ads has allowed Mobile Monkey to reach a wider audience which has reduced its cost per lead acquisition by 97%.
  • In September 2019, Lego released its first global brand Campaign with rebuilt the world video and it had attracted 5 million views on Youtube which lead to 89% of customers purcahse its products.
  • Uber came with the concept of booking taxis easily using a mobile app. Along with cheaper cost using coupon codes and incentives.
  • Airbnb created a platform where hosts and travellers meet online. A traveller who is travelling to another country can find the hotel’s real location images, price, and details of hotels posted by the host of the hotel. 
  • Jet Blue come up with the concept of fast customer service and instead of answering customer queries on social media they response on Jet Blue account within some minutes.
  • After Sephora has invested in data analytics and technology, they have attracted customers to try more than 150 million shades online. This also resulted in a rise in the number of visitors on the website to 9 million people.

These cases are proof that with the right strategies and effective plan implementation, you can reach new heights and bring conversions within a few months.

Email Marketing stands out among all different forms of marketing

One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is that it offers you different forms of marketing mediums and each has its importance. But, in our survey, we found that Email marketing has the highest percentage of respondent’s rate as compared to traditional marketing and other online marketing.

Look at the below graph to understand the dynamics of other forms of advertising.

Every advertisement has its own benefits. When it comes to traditional marketing, often small businesses have to face a difficult time competing with big business for ad space.

However, by choosing affordable digital marketing tactics, a small business can even flourish.

For instance, a small business can come in contact with thousands of people using social media for less than $3. While that exposure with direct mail and television ads can cost them around $30 to $50. 

Also, traditional marketing has various hidden costs while online marketing cost is time. This means, when you are implementing SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing, all this take time to show a satisfying result. 

Yet, you want immediate results then Pay-per-click, display, and social media advertising can show up fast results. 

Easy to measure your performance

When you are planning marketing strategies then you can’t forget to measure your performance. The performance will only help in figuring what is going wrong and what new strategies to implement.

While for traditional marketing, it may be difficult to track the performance such as radio advertisement or mailer. This benefit is enjoyed only if you invest in digital marketing analytics.

With the help of Google analytics, you can measure every detail and even real-time access to whether your planned strategy is working or not. 

Have a look the below picture, it gives you a closer insight to improve forthcoming campaigns.

Source: blog.google

Reach only targeted customers

Probably, when you will reach the right audience, you are more likely to convert them into customers rather than marketing randomly. With the help of right online advertising goals, you can target those people who are interested in your services and products and can easily become your ideal customers.

So, you have to prepare an effective digital marketing strategy and become visible in front of those people who are interested in your campaigns.

Among all the benefits, this is the most significant one that eases the ability to target the right people.

But, it is not as easy as it sounds. Targeting people with traditional marketing is the most difficult and challenging methods to reach out to people who are interested in your business.

You have to acquire enough cost that justifies your marketing. These strategies allow you to use search engine advertising and other marketing strategies based on buyer interest.

Like for instance when you create a Facebook or PPC ad, you will set your target and define your audience goal. You will target your audience by their hobbies, attributes, location, and more. With this way, you can reach out to the exact audience you want to target.

Increase your conversion rate

One of the interesting and notable benefits of marketing online is that it helps in improving your conversion rate. When anyone visits online and lands on your website, it increases your chances of converting them into your customer.

This is mainly due to your ability to target more number of leads and increase your customer base. This can be the easiest technique to increase the chances of earning a conversion and you may likely to grow your business size more.  

Hope, with the above benefits, your concepts are clearer and now you can make a better decision for your business growth.

Get started and enjoy the pros of digital marketing from TODAY!

Your business is ready to earn more and enjoy all these perks, from PPC to SEO. Online marketing will open the gates for all types of businessmen who are struggling hard to accumulate the right type of customers.

Investing your money in digital marketing services will not only give you professional advice but also it will increase your chances to take your business to new heights.

Comment us below what digital marketing strategy you are going to use for your business?

In any case, we are always available for your help! 

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    You get work in creative fields and experiment new ideas every day.
    That’s why entrepreneurs and students are loving to work on their digital marketing skills.

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