70% SMBs Believe Digital Marketing Service is Important For Their Growth

It is a world-known fact that Covid-19 has affected not only everyone’s health but also many businesses has seen a major fall. Everyone is talking about PPE kits and sharing WFH tips to run business. But, during this pandemic crisis, 99.9% of SMEs has got affected and seen a major drift in working style.

From managing the client’s needs, small businesses have started opting unique ways to keep a track on their business.

This has arisen the need of business marketing ideas more than ever!

Marketing business is the priority of every business and with changing times the traditional advertising has been replaced by digital marketing. Now, not only small businesses but all sizes of business trust online marketing services and even opt for a digital marketing agency.

Study Proved Digital Marketing Services Supports SMEs

Many studies have been conducted to understand the role of digital marketing services provider in SMEs and how they support the business to maximise their results. However, Covid-19 has affected economic turbulence worldwide and it is a concern for industries to know how SMEs are dealing with it.  

So, highlighting this issue and challenges, around two-third i.e. 64% of SMEs are concerned about their business and feel important to communicate with customers.

Therefore, the majority of this percentage of business has shifted to digital marketing benefits and utilizing it to run their business more effectively. 

Take a look at below graph to understand why many small business fail and don’t generate enough revenue.

digital marketing for small business

Are You Delaying Digital Marketing?

Why you should choose a digital marketing strategy? If you believe that you don’t have enough time and money to put into digital marketing then take another moment to think!

Many small business owners have multiple reasons to not choose this form of marketing. But still, the delay is a delay.

This not only help you in advertising your product online but you also gain an online presence.

Today’s consumers are smarter than you! Before buying anything from any business, the first thing they do is Google you. If they find you online and hear good reviews about your business, they tend to trust you more.

We believe that marketing your business is the first thing you should do as soon as you launch your business. 

But unfortunately, many small business owners believe that they don’t have time or money to be competitive online. And, they may often feel that customers will find themselves but sadly this is not an effective approach. This will never guarantee you results.

Hence, if you want to earn more money, you must invest in digital marketing services. Further, to save your time you can hire a top digital marketing agency.

What Digital Marketing has stored in for you?

Get Online and Reach customers

If you have been avoiding digital marketing services for a long time or are simply not ready then take a minute to think where your customers are? Probably, most of them are already online and might be choosing your competitors.

The reason why you must publicize your business online is that your customers are there and might be looking for your services. If you are not online then they won’t be able to know about you and you will miss a good chance to reach them.

This is how today’s business and customers are. Online is the number one medium that connects them and even builds a strong relationship too. When customers know about your business, they Google it and expect to find you there with a website and social media profiles. 

They may further want to see customers review so that they can learn from what other people are saying about your business.

If a potential customer can’t find you online, they may conclude that your business doesn’t appear to be legitimate. Further, they may not take your business seriously and quickly head somewhere else.

And, once they are satisfied then they won’t regret their decision. 

Be a competition to your Competitors

competitor analysis

To keep your business running smoothly, it is very essential to pay attention to your competitors and learn where they are and what they are doing. Majority of your competitors are already online and if you are not then you are losing a big chance to compete with them.

For instance, if your prospects search for a business similar to yours and they find your competitors but not you then it’s clear that your business is not even in the running.

A business doesn’t show you fruitful results unless you get on the edge and chase your competitors. Take a time and think where your competitors are and compare your business with them. It might be a great opportunity for your business to learn many new things and expand your business.

You can take help from competitor analysis tools where you will find what keywords they are targeting for and what strategy they have planned.

If you know what your competitors are doing, you will be able to keep a closer look at the market and industry. 

Be spontaneous to your Customers

help your customers

Besides being available to your customers, by being online, you can easily answer your customer’s query and be spontaneous when they raise any question. 

Whenever anyone wants anything, the first place they look is online and make a Google search. If they didn’t find your business review or they didn’t find any information about your business online then it will leave a bad impression of your brand and they might likely to switch to your competitors.

You must invest in the following things to get online:

With these ways, your prospects can find you online and can discover where your business is located, what are the working hours, your contact number, services, prices, special offer, etc.

This is the reason it becomes essential for you to make digital marketing business plan and know what your competitors are doing and what keywords your prospects are searching for.

Allow your customers to find you easily 

online marketing service

You don’t want to run a business where your customers couldn’t find you! Probably, the best thing you want that your customers can find you easily by themselves. Therefore, a  make it easy for your customers to see your business and to be able to reach you and access your products and services. 

Also, depending upon your business if you could able to reach a local audience, you can attract a better group of persons.

By creating an online presence, your business will be open to people and they could even take a visit to your address or can message you anytime on the contact information provided by you. This will help you to serve your customers in a better way.

Further, customers and prospects can send you emails and message you with their questions. Even further, you can answer to their query and can do business with you.

Understand better on Your Target Audience

target audience

Digital marketing analysis helps you to engage with a new audience and know about them better through online mediums. On social media channels, you can start a conversation and let your customers interact with you. 

You can even run a survey, get to know about them and pay attention to each of their responses. 

This will help you build a direct relationship with them as well as your customers will feel that they are being treated well. 

Try out a few cost-effective digital marketing techniques and frequently involve in conversation and communication even with a small budget.  

The new form of advertising will be able to reach a wider set of people. Therefore, in these ways, you can help your small business reach a bigger audience and have better chances of winning. 


If your aim is to reach a wider audience and want to get benefit from marketing then nothing can be better than digital marketing service providers. You can contact a professional online marketing agency and leave the rest to them.

Many data prove that small businesses have seen a big growth and increase in revenue via digital marketing efforts.

For expert digital marketing help, you can contact with our experienced professionals.

What do you think of incorporating digital marketing for your small business? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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