7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Your Business (Still) Isn’t Following

Are you sceptical about which digital marketing strategy to choose? Not sure which would be effective for your business? Also, if you have thought that you are already following all digital marketing campaigns then you might be wrong.

We and many digital marketing experts believe that Digital Marketing promotional strategy is not just limited to website development, SEO, content writing, and content marketing. Many other marketing strategies tend to help in improving your business easily.

Find out the new and trending digital marketing strategy besides SEO and content marketing.

Growing your business online is not an easy job but first, you need a viable idea and then grow it into a profitable niche. In between, you have to target the right audience, find peddling products, services or information, that make the word out.

Also, any business who has started acquiring good results from digital marketing tactics will never switch off the plan. As if you will stop working on your marketing, then your results will start falling and later when you will think to do marketing again then you have to start from scratch.

So, once you have started online marketing and SEO, never stop it!

Why Every Business Must Have A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Finding the right digital marketing strategies to promote your business often linked to rocket science. You may also question whether your message is reaching to the right people or not? How to improve visibility and increase sales in marketing? How to plan a digital marketing campaign?

Well, today with so much competition going on, we bring your attention to some best digital marketing hacks.

If you partner with a professional full-service digital marketing agency, like Upscalic Marketing, you can improve your business at a faster pace with eye-widening results.

Without the best Internet marketing strategies, your business will not be able to achieve its goals. Start investing in a digital marketing plan and brand identity designs services for better results.

1. Podcast appeals to the audience more as well as Search Engines

Without a doubt, podcasts are a present and future of marketing. These days, many website owners have started including Podcast feature within their website to connect with customers on a more personal level.

You can even upload your voice on a topic or upload any interview that the audience engages with. 

The podcast marketing strategy is even one of the most effective strategies for many businesses and they generate maximum traffic on the website due to podcast.

Data shows regular growth of Podcast

The above graph shows the constant rise of the podcast audience and it is predicted the number of the audience could double in 2023.

The number of podcasts grows every day. The previous year record shows, there were over 660.000 shows with 28 million episodes. This also reveals that about half of the public has listened to a podcast at least once. Thus, it makes a podcast a good tool for business. 

Even for this year also, many podcast industry experts have predicted that it will see major growth and wider audience. This will be encouraged more because of the smart technology available such as smart speakers.

2. Voice search optimization for better results

Voice search optimization is also a new Internet marketing strategy for companies to adopt new features.

With the help of this strategy, your company will optimize existing and new website content for voice search. After all, your motive is to earn that featured snippet position on the Google search engine ranking.   

This content is mostly used by various voice assistants such as Siri and Amazon Echo to respond to voice searches. Like, if any user asks a question on Google like, “How to clean a stinky dishwasher?” then Amazon Echo or Siri would reply using the featured snippet.

At many times, search queries differ when using voice, therefore, voice search optimization is important. If you are a local business, then this strategy is most important as most of the users use their mobile devices for searches and use voice search — to find a salon or restaurant.

What is the goal of voice search optimization?

The main aim of using voice search optimization strategy for your website is to earn the featured snippet position on Google which is relevant to your target audience and business. By earning that spot for your website, your visibility will increase among customers and they will visit your store more and make product purchases.

3. Video marketing and webinars to engage audience

Although webinars and video marketing are two separate things but they both have a big digital marketing role. Whether you are hosting a live webinar or advertising a video on various platforms, the only thing that makes it demanding are visual contents which appeal the audience.

It is the straight concept – “the visual world in which we live is more demanding and people engage with a video more than an image”.

Why Webinars is important?

If you are planning to host a webinar anytime soon with any of the objectives, your ultimate is definitely to engage them till the very end. 

Webinars consist of one or two speakers who give away their knowledge, share valuable advice, and offer information with their audience. It is also one of the good ways to get an email list, sell your offer, and convert into customers.

But this strategy will be beneficial for a different set of business such as any consulting agency. Therefore, the importance of webinars in marketing differs from business to business.

How to get leads via video marketing?

Video is one of the popular online content mediums available right now. It has the power to display your business via unique mediums to publicize it and convert it into paying customers. 

It is estimated that by the year 2021, Video marketing will grab 80% of online traffic.

By adding video marketing strategy to your landing page, using gated content, and a clear call to action will let you generate more leads via video marketing.

4. Leverage influencers to boost digital marketing strategy

Do you want to boost your visibility on social media and want to build a strong audience base? Then, you must take help from an influencer marketing strategy. But, this is not as easy as it sounds. You have to find the right influencers of your industry with millions of followers which will make things simple.

Finding influencers in your niche is important to target the right audience and to popularize your business through them. If you can find the right set of influencers who have a good customer base then you can easily earn a potential profit.

If you are confident in your product and you have found the right influencers who agree to advertise either by fixing on a fee or just sharing a word, then you are on the right track.

Evaluate the situation and reach out to influencers and measure their pricing. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Stick with the plan and reach your target.

5. Use Facebook ads with re-targeting

You must have heard a lot about Facebook ad retargeting, of course, all the good things. Even I too agree with all that you have heard.

Facebook ads are the most powerful methods you can use for advertising and engaging your audience. You can easily reach your objective and target only that set of people who are genuinely interested in your product.

You just have to focus on conversions via Facebook ads pixel and things will be easy for you to handle.

If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising and how to create a FB Ad campaign, check this blog post I have posted last.

Facebook Ads Guide For Beginners – How To Successfully Complete Your First Campaign

6. Use Email Marketing Sequences

Email marketing is also one of the best sales funnels that let you grab the audience who are interested in your products as they have subscribed and send their mail id to you. You can perform an email marketing campaign from time to time using email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc.

These automated emails will be sent to your entire list on the scheduled time.

Be authentic and real while conveying any message. You aim is to let people click on the call to action provided by you on mail. So, you have to provide a unique message that lets people relate with them and take action.

After starting the best email marketing strategies, keep your eyes glued on email responses and click to the segment. For instance, if anyone clicks on a link, it means they’ve shown an interest in something.

Mark those email lists aside and tag the subscriber on your new post, if they are interested, they will engage with it again.

When you send broadcasts, split test, you’ll know everything about how to pull the trigger and test it out. This will allow you to understand your audience better and make a better communicator. 

7. Use LinkedIn the profitable way

Have you uploaded a video on LinkedIn? Is it linked to your LinkedIn Profile? If not, then do it now and link it to your profile description. It can lead to shocking results and you could see a great hike on your LinkedIn page engagement.

This way, you can passively market your business.

Also, posting regularly on your LinkedIn profile is quite essential to engage with a large audience and help make your posts go viral. You can share your entrepreneur journey, talk about challenges, and share stories.

You can even connect with likeminded entrepreneurs on LinkedIn who have similar goals like you. LinkedIn marketing strategy is one of the greatest sources to market your business and build good and effective connections.


If you want things to take a massive turn and want to convert your goals into reality then these marketing strategies are a must follow.

So, make a fresh plan and keep all these strategies into your bucket list and there’s no turning backwards.

Include these digital marketing promotional strategies into your business if you still aren’t following it and see magical results happen!

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