6 Digital Marketing Techniques to Follow in New Year 2021 with a Bang!

If your business has also gone through several ups and down last year in 2020 then its time to pull it back again. Take a note on some digital marketing techniques for new year 2021 and bring your business back into shape again.

Congratulations, we have made it to the next year, 2021 and said Goodbye to 2020. The year has brought many unexpected things and changes in our life and business that new year is a hope for new beginnings.

We have entered the new year 2021 and its time to make some new resolutions of unprecedented times. From experiencing the pandemic phase, the rise of social media, and so much more, the marketing trend has also transformed

So, after you come out from your holiday mood and get involved with work again, take a note on some best digital marketing techniques to follow in the new year 2021. 

These digital marketing techniques will give you a boost your business workflow for the new year. 

If you have been wondering how to create a digital marketing plan, we have done the homework for you. Just follow the list of things and market your business like never before.

Get ready and start taking notes on:

  • Quick and ready-made marketing ideas that you can follow this year and a head start your business with a bang. 
  • Innovative ideas to guide you and help you streamline your business and meet marketing goals. 
  • Promote your business with better strategies and see your business taking new heights.

2021 Digital Marketing Techniques and Ideas to Boost Your Business Growth

The good thing is that digital marketing trends 2021 are not all doom and gloom. Many organizations predict 2021 as a bright and optimistic year for their future as we have already gone through most thick times in 2020. Therefore, the new year is the perfect time when you can hope for new beginnings and success.

Let’s kick off some innovative marketing ideas you can follow this year!

1. Update your Google My Business profile

A profile on Google my Business is more important than ever and can bring you great business too. If you want to be shown up on local searches, then Google my business will surely meet all your desires. It will help your clients/customers to find your business on the top search results among your local audience.

Also, having a profile on GMB is not enough but you should optimize your business completely on Google Maps for the start. Make sure to use a local keyword including your city name such as we use “digital marketing company in Lucknow“.

Take a minute to make sure that your profile is optimized on your listing.

  • Respond to all the reviews you receive
  • Put all Q&A section of your profile with Frequently asked questions
  • Add real pictures of your business to showcase it.

2. Offer Help to 2021 email subscribers’ with their goals

If you have earned a good list of email subscribers then its time to help them meet their goals. 2021 will be a new expectation for all these business and brands to help all their prospects with better plan and strategies by turning them into customers now.

Many top digital marketing services advice this strategy for brands and businesses to help out their readers by presenting them things what they are looking for.

Business can try advertisements and support their subscriber’s goals and make their products and services more helpful for them. 

Remarketing strategies also work best in this type of strategy making and you can easily convey your new message to interested prospects without saying personally to them.

You just have to target your set of audience and your ad will be visible to those people. 

3. Hold a contest/giveaway

Everyone enjoy gifts and contest. If you will declare that you are holding out a contest and will be sending out giveaways to some lucky winners then it is bound to grab attention. 

Create some rules, unique marketing techniques and you will be ready to increase engagement and followers on your profile.

For instance, you can post the contest on Instagram account, ask users to tag their 5 friends to be qualified for the win and use your hashtag in the comment section. This will add engagement as well as visibility for your brand too and help you engage people.

4. Announce forthcoming events or promotions

Announcing upcoming events and promotions will market your brand more and if you have a physical store you can push them to visit your store even.

Plan out a new year deal and promotion offer, give them a discount, create a package deal, make them become a member at your store and thus convert them into your permanent customers.

For more innovative ideas, you can search for list of digital marketing services and let them dig best ideas and plans for you.

5. Provide free delivery on your products and services

If you are running an e-commerce store then by offering free delivery on the occasion of a new year is the best way you can make your customers feel happy.  

Everyone loves to stay at home and at the same time they don’t want to spend extra money if they are buying the same thing online. Therefore, offering the same product without additional delivery cost is a great trick to motivate your customers.

6. Send Personalized message and wishes

Sometimes, your business might need a personal connection with customers. So, when you are sending them the delivery of the product, do include a personal card of thanking them to choose your brand or product. This will help them make a connection with your brand. 

And, even better, ask them to follow on your social media accounts for better deals and offers. 

The personal note sent at their address along with the products will make them feel touched and they would want to follow your social accounts to stay connected with your brand and its exciting offers. 


2020 pandemic time doesn’t mean that the brands don’t have scope to flourish again. But with the new year – new hopes and new strategies are also developing and if you didn’t stay update with these strategies then you might be loosing out the great scope for business.

Contact a digital marketing service India that can help you layout the best plan and strategies for your small business.

Tell us in the comments below which digital marketing techniques you are going to follow this year to bring your business back into shape.

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