This Future Marketing Funnel Is Saving Many Business Lives

The marketing funnel concept was first introduced by E. St. Elmo Lewis in 1898, from then it has been modified and changed several times. 

But, if talking about how and what technology and consumer habits have changed over these 120 years, then the answer will be “it hasn’t changed much”!

People still have the same buying pattern, the customer still wants to get buy at a low price and so on. 

Therefore, this shows that the Lewis concept is robust and is still useful today.

Here’s what Lewis AIDA model of marketing looks like.

The model marketing funnel is explained below. It includes four important points that every customer goes through.

  • Awareness: Customers should know what you are selling. They won’t buy until they don’t know it existed. 
  • Interest: When a customer knows about your product and what you are offering, you should bring interest in their mind by telling the product benefits.
  • Desire: With their interest, customers should also have the desire to purchase it. 
  • Action: Lastly, you have the chance to show your consumers how to turn desire into reality by taking the final action. 

This original and basic sales funnel offers a simple view of the customer journey and how a customer decides to take the final step of purchasing. 

Now, that you have got an idea of what is marketing funnel is, let’s understand more with a marketing funnel example.

For example, you can create product awareness among your customers and target the audience who could be your customer. Make sure to add an emotional desire such as CTA before hitting them.

How marketing funnel has changed?

It is quite evident and best for all businesses that if you want your business to proceed ahead and run as efficiently as possible then you must get your b2b marketing funnel in the right process and turn every visitor into a paying customer.

The below marketing funnel vs sales funnel clearly describes how the funnel and concept have changed with time.

We are going to share a proven strategy or you can say a cheat guide that has helped business in the past and has a full scope of helping in future as well.

But, we are also hearing the news that some business owners are moving away from b2b marketing funnel stages because they assume that it’s too mechanical or simple to describe lead nurturing sequence. 

But, I believe that it’s still effective and one of the useful ways to describe the complex problem from start to finish.

Don’t believe me?

Keep reading ahead then…

The Ultimate Marketing Funnel

Here are four proven content marketing funnel strategies and advice that will work and also has helped many businesses turn into profitable client acquisition systems.

Offer something valuable to customers that build trust 

Decades ago, we had market leaders who have dominated the market with monopoly rule and had no or very meagre competition. This is the reason they don’t have to market or try hard to attract customers for their product but customers used to visit on their own. 

Now, things have changed totally!

Due to growing entrepreneurs and business owners, there is hardly any business that is ruling alone with little or no competition. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs now have to put extra and more effort to win customers.

One of the easy and most effective ways is to offer the best resources and something valuable to new customers at the very beginning. 

It should be something creative and ideal that helps customers build trust with your brand before actually spending money on your services/product.

You can offer a free case study, a training series, a checklist, guide, e-book, or demo video of your product to offer value to customers.

If you can solve your customer’s problem with something like this, then it would be ideal in the long run.

To understand better, let’s look at what the CEO and founder of Funnels And Experts, Gusten Sun, have to say:

He explained how he has started building clients and used marketing and sales funnel in providing value to their customers. 

Gusten Sun explained his concept pretty well by this practical example:

For instance, you are a movie lover and you decide not to spend money in theatres and watch online streaming movies.

Therefore, you can take help from Google and sign up for those movie streaming apps that offers a free 30-day trial. 

When your one month is over, they will ask you if you want to continue using unlimited movies then you can make the payment to watch unlimited movies at your home. 

This example teaches us that customer trust and value is the most important thing you have to consider. This will be the most successful example to build relationships and turn your audience into your assured and trusted customer for a long-time.

Make sure your leads visit your website and they must get something valuable and impressive before they finalize you. Create a sales funnel that will turn a cold lead into a happy customer.

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Switch the old sales copy technique and get a real emotional response

Your customers should feel like they are speaking directly to you. Probably, when a customer gets an unsatisfactory answer or no answer at the right time, it may make them unsatisfied and probably, they may want to switch to other brands, perhaps who are your competitors.

Answering customers instantly and providing live chat support is how you can keep their interest on.

Also, you should lay out marketing process planning from time to time including creating extensive copywriting.

But while creating an effective copywriter up, don’t get confused as copywriting has made a massive shift in the last 10 years.  

Now, modern customers won’t enjoy a pushy headline that screams BUY etc. Though, this type of technique was immensely popular back then but not now.

Therefore, you should know how modern customers will get attracted to your copy technique. Here are a few modern copywriting tips for beginners:

  • Be realistic, authentic and real. 
  • Be more informal and less “salesman”. 
  • Prepare copy that speaks more of the modern-day consumer. 

CEO of Griffin Copywriting and Marketing Solutions, Cody Griffin, is also following this modern copywriting technique and moving away from direct response copy tactics.

He says, “You should relate your copy to where your customers are and where they dream about in the future.”  

This will drive in more conversions and more sales with your marketing funnel 2020. 

Add and create stories that build an emotional connection with them and their responses increase with time. 

Hence, your funnel’s performance could lead to success and maximum results.

Create re-targeting marketing strategies

Normally, every business creates a landing page/website for customers who want to acquire a maximum audience base. You want the audience to connect with your website and make their way to the end of the funnel to make a purchase. 

Regrettably, it hardly happens that way!  

It is a good thought to dream but it won’t work that way at all!

Look at the below picture to understand how re-targeting marketing works.

If you want people to connect with your sales funnel and you want to convert maximum visitors then create retargeting campaigns in place. 

Retargeting campaigns can be a series of ads or emails (or both) that is sent to the people who visit the first page of your funnel but don’t take the action.

You can give them options to watch the video, download the free guide, share an email address, opt for the webinar, etc.

The retargeting marketing campaign will work when you only include valuable content like educational videos, real inspiring stories, product/service reviews, case studies, testimonials, training programs, discount offers, and objection management topics. 

So, you must include only those contents that any prospect sees that they want to reconsider and build their trust in your business/brand. 

Don’t just limit your traffic from a single source

Do you believe your website is running smoothly and you don’t need any help?

Think again!

It is a known fact that social media traffic is the most profitable way to drive conversions and drive them into your sales funnel. However, this is where most businessmen can go wrong and may cause issues.

Imagine, if the social media platform crashes for one day.

Though social media platforms can drive traffic and bring genuine customers in this way, they also control your ability to use their site to run ads and drive traffic.

So, you must try to bring traffic from different sources which will be beneficial in the long run.

You can bring traffic from other sources and utilize other campaigns such as emails, blogs, SEO, content marketing, etc. These can be great as well as an effective way to drive traffic to your website. 

Many business owners and marketers prefer bringing quality traffic to your website from different sources.

Every source has its own benefit. 

Let’s look at each benefit here:

  • Emails are one profitable and secret weapon if used correctly. 
  • Drive organic traffic to your funnel via blog posts and SEO.
  • Podcasts are highest-converting forms of content marketing.

Don’t drive traffic only with one source as when you have too many options, why go for only one!  

All these strategies and sources can generate maximum results for your funnel.


Copy all these marketing funnel strategies now and implement them into your own business this year. These funnels are most likely to increase your conversion rate and bring a profitable client. 

Also, these Marketing funnel digital could help all entrepreneurs who are facing COVID 19 business impact and not getting enough leads.

Tell us what you think about these digital marketing funnel stages in the comment section.

Start your strategy now and if you feel lonely anywhere, we are always with you!

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