How To Write A Good Copy For Social Media That Converts

Are you struggling to get audience engagement on your social media or want to increase your followers organically and not through bots? The best way is to plan your social media post right and create the best social media copywriting that engages them.

On average, a normal person spends around 142 minutes on social media every day. After all, it is the place where you can hang out, meet people, see new age things, and stay updated.

So, if any brand or business wants to reach their customers or find ways how to increase social media engagement or advertise anything on the platform.

Somehow, with time businesses are upgrading their marketing standards and reaching out to social media and the ones that are not using social media are surely missing out. It is how, when, what, and where you give a message to customers, that will affect your brand.

Ahead of this post, we have shared some useful tips that will help you guide how to write social media copy that converts.

#1: Inform your audience

When you are posting anything on social media, its motive should only be to give insight to the audience. It can be in any way, you can tell about your product, or service, or say something that your audience wants or can relate to easily. The more your social media post and a copy is for them, the more they will engage.

You can choose to educate them, teach them, or even can tell them something new so that they feel that they are learning something new from you and may want to see you often.

So, the best technique to write copy is to be quick, say out loud, to the point, give a sense of teaser or 2 three-sentence lines and ask them to redirect to the relatable blog, link, or video that has more information stored in for them.

#2: Encourage engagement

If your target is social media and you want to make your business into a brand then show something new that they cannot see in other mediums. Social media platforms are real quick and direct which no other platform can offer. So, having a good presence on social media and posting something exciting can be the key.

You can run contests and giveaways to gather their engagement more and build a distinct brand on Instagram or any other social media platform that is more suitable for your business type.

#3: Handle hashtags and emojis carefully

Hashtags still work for most social media channels including Instagram and Twitter. The audience, influencers, and people still search for the hashtag to discover any desired content. Instagram has given its hashtag limit up to 30 while Twitter has its character limit on its Tweet.

So, when you are choosing a hashtag, choose it wisely that is relatable to your content so that the audience finds your post useful to the hashtag they are searching for.

Also, to make your social media copywriting attractive, you can use emojis and grab the audience’s attention.

#4: Be relatable

Sometimes you may not really guess which post will work and which will not. But trial and error are you have to continue with. Also, one thing that should be sure is that your content must be relatable and true to your business and brand.

The best way to grab the audience’s attention is to share a personal story. Yes, even records show that the audience engagement rate was high on the post that has more personal touch and was a true representation of the brand/business. You can find which social media channel is better for your brand to reach your targetted audience.

The best part is also that you don’t have to think much and be creative. But a simple or even a raw video will work best for you and in your favour.

#5: Add a CTA to your post

Treat the audience as your child. I mean as you give direction to a child on what to do and what not to do, similarly through your post, you must give direction to your audience and ask them to take any suitable action while writing social media copy. You can either ask them to visit your website, buy, sign up, comment below, tag a friend follow, share, etc.

A CTA in a copy will improve the level of interaction more and will give your post more exposure when anybody takes the relevant action.

Using this tactic can give you phenomenal results and can increase your social engagement to a great extent.

#6: Showcase your clients/customers

You can add testimonials and share your customer review as a post too. People accept and in fact like comments from real customers better than the brand saying it. Using customers’ reviews wisely will help you gain more social media engagement and convert into many new customers.

#7: Be consistent

Posting regularly and timely on social media is also an effective strategy that can build regular engagement among your audience. Just be consistent with your post and videos and never stop posting irrespective of whether you are getting as per expectation or not.

Use more real stories, people talking, raw photos and videos. In this way, your audience will relate to the content more and will feel you better.

Final Words

If you believe in the motto, “Hard work pays off”, then posting seriously, strategically, and consistently will help your social media to grow. Always remember to use direct and relatable social media copy best practices to gain audience attention and convert them.

You can take help from an expert and let them manage your social media account professionally.

Share your views in the comment section below on what you think of copywriting skills and how important it is to influence your audience.

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