We Created Two Basic E-Commerce Sites and Run a Successful Google Search Ad

A client wanted two basic e-commerce websites for his physical store business. One for furniture items and the other for fashion clothing items. He didn’t want a lavish website to sell products from it but need a basic website so that he can run a Google search ad and sell furniture and clothing on phone orders.

We happily accepted it and created two beautiful websites where the visitors can land after they click on Google search Ad and contact the supplier easily.

Our Challenge

We had to create a one-page website for furniture products. Although this was not really a task as it was done in one day only. Plus, we had to look for the right audience, best keywords, low CPC rate, high CTR, and get maximum calls for the PPC campaign.

Our Approach

  • Understanding the audience: The client wanted specific regions and areas to be targeted. We used search insights to understand the consumer online behaviour and their preferences on buying furniture and the language they use while searching on Google.
  • Targetting the audience: There were too many keyword options to target such as affinity, category and location-based keywords. We listed our top keywords based on their search volume and CPC rate to capture the needs of diverse audiences.
  • Engaging the audience: We set the goal as ‘to get maximum calls’, find the best suitable keywords, selected the audience, written the heading of the Ad within the Google search ad character limit, site links, extension, gave a CTA (Call to Action) button and run the campaign.
  • Track the ad performance: Setting up the Google ad campaign will not solve everything. We had to track the performance every minute, find out ways to reduce CPC (Cost per click), get maximum clicks, set a budget per day so that the overall budget spends equally and receive calls 24/7.

What We Offered

We started with the website creation on Godaddy and the other one on Shopify.

Below are the screenshots of the website:

The client wanted to run the Google search ad on the Furniture website. So, we took all the steps and set up an ad campaign.

Initially, the CPC was very high, so we had to increase the Clicks so that the cost rate goes down. We removed unnecessary keywords that are not getting the click, we only kept keywords whose click rate volume was as high as it will only result in a low cost per click.

The Next day we started seeing the cost was decreasing and the calls/click was increasing. But, still, we had to keep a visual track of all the campaigns every minute and hour.

Google Ad Reached Its Target

We’ve achieved and met all the Google search ad specs and got a ₹9 Average CPC rate, more than 26000 Impressions, and over 2000 clicks/calls for 15 days Ad run.

 ₹ 9.96 Average CPC


2K + Clicks

The below screenshot we took of the Google search Ad run for the furniture website (jhasteelfurniture.com). You can look below:

The Client Received More Than 2000 Calls in 15 Days

Our client, Mr Suresh Jha was extremely happy with the work done. He said:

“I am thankful to the Upscalic team for helping me prepare the best-looking website and most importantly run my Google ad and helped me gather too many clients in 15 days of time. Also, I am extremely thankful with the relationship we had as I am still in contact with them and in case I need any assistance related to any digital marketing thing or advice, I instantly ask them and get best verbal support too.”

Suresh Jha, business owner

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