7 Best Ways On How To Close More Leads With Cold Calling!

Cold callings are a typical luck-based concept. Finding ways how to close leads from cold calling can be tough. Various parameters go in to achieve the ultimate success rate i.e. time, research, interaction, communication, best time, and about next steps. 

But, sometimes, even the best sales professional can make an error while making the call such as bad timing can affect sales. Both client and the salesperson loathe these conversations.

Still, cold calling is an integral part of the sales team, although they continue to be dread for both callers and callees. 

So, how to convert leads into customers in cold calling?

To close more leads, you need to turn these cold leads into warm leads before giving them your sales pitch. 

We all understand that converting leads into customers is a vital part of the sales process and it requires preparation and skills. This process also requires commitment and persistence. And, further, marketing these qualified leads will make the process easier by using key indicators that indicate a powerful intention to buy.

Below are some of the cold calling tips on how to close sales and make it more seamless and less frustrating for you:

#1: Timing is important when targeting 

One of the most essential things in cold calling is timing but sadly, you can’t predict what your client is doing at the moment before making the call. 

The key to improving your leads is to offer them better information, maybe what they want to hear. 

Create sales closing techniques to help in identifying your target audience. Keep a note of their activities and leverage them with marketing tools to find the ideal prospect.

Also, do your homework to choose a time to call your prospect i.e. during their business time, not during their personal or leisure time. 

Studies show that the best time to make a call is on Wednesday and Thursday during the morning (8 am-9 am) and in the evening (4 pm-6 pm).

#2: Follow up 

After you have contacted the lead, don’t keep them hanging for days – as they might forget you. Keep in touch with them through follow-up emails or messages. It is best to send them a message or mail about it in an hour! This will help them notice you again and maybe if they missed anything during the call, they can catch up with the email.

You can set up a content marketing strategy that includes regular newsletters, blog posts, and other useful material that informs, entertains, or motivates.

#3: Offer credible sources of information to the client

Everyone must be aware that you are fluent in the details of your brand’s service and products. So, it is important to keep up-to-date information about your product and offer great insights to your client. This will impress your client even more and will be convinced easily. Your prospects will treat you as a credible resource and will trust you with the service they are looking for. 

As today’s customers are very smart, they do their research before contacting you. So, it is always good that you have adequate answers to their questions and can convince them with credible information.

#4: Give them a solution, not offer your service 

Clients will like it more if you help them and be on their side instead of selling your service or product. So, don’t ever force your product or service on your qualifying client, instead take some time to understand their pain points and offer solutions to them.

Be straightforward with offering a good product that is right for the client’s needs and take a step further to initiate your product or service to them, You’ll gain more customers’ trust and respect in this process.

#5: Create an impactful Email Template for follow-up emails

A well draft mail, a catchy subject line, and a body are the three main elements of a good email. To target your clients. you must write your mail well, and include additional links to blog posts, articles, news, or other helpful information that make your brand big in front of your reader’s mind.

And, lastly don’t forget to include a CTA (Call to action) button to direct them to your product, service, or website for further assistance. 

Many sites offer email templates and email marketing plans that you can take advantage of. 

#6: Give them your past clients’ review 

Your leads will convert only when they trust you. So, you must showcase your past client review and share testimonials with your leads so that they know about your past client’s experiences. Even better is to showcase them on your website and everywhere so that other visitors can also see and might get interested in your product after seeing the positive reviews and feedback.

#7: Offer them a free trial of your Product or Service

Everyone loves free offers, and if you are confident with your product or service, you can attract your customers by offering them a free trial and grasping them to use your product. If they liked your product or service, they would be taking up the paid plan as well. Hence, there’s no better way to attract them and show your awesome product. 

Besides, data prove that free trial services reduce the cost per acquisition for new customers. So, don’t be afraid to offer the service/product that you are proud of.

Below is a funnel diagram on how to close leads more:

Wrap Up

By now, you must have known what is the purpose of cold calling and how it can help.

The strategies and process of how to close leads are like running a marathon race. Unlike a sprint, it shouldn’t be hurried. You cannot push someone to buy anything from you without letting them know about you or qualifying them based on specific indicators.

There are some key sales closing techniques that you must take note of to attract them to convert leads into customers. Keep these cold-calling tips handy and always be persistent while pitching your next sales call. Following this will help in increasing your sales and improve your chances of closing the next sales call. 

Do you need help with customized marketing strategies for your business, contact us for the best ideas. 

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