5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Consultant for Your Website!

An SEO consultant’s job is to improve and manage SEO tasks well so that it affects positively website performance in search engines. All these factors ultimately lead to an increase in business revenue, sales, and growth.

When your website will be seen on the first page of a search engine, it will bring visitors who will convert into prospective customers.

So, all it starts with hiring an SEO expert!!

A great organic SEO consultant can help you skyrocket your business as an organic search result is the main traffic source for any website.

And, hiring the wrong SEO could affect negatively your site which may take a long time to fix.

So how do hire an SEO consultant and make the difference between who is a good SEO and who is not?

Here are nine suggestive questions you can ask your next Search engine consultant to make the right hiring decision:

Let’s take a look at each of them so you’ll know what things to look for in your next candidate.

1: What’s your past work record of success?

There are three different ways to find a suitable potential SEO consultant.

  • You get a reference – In this case, you trust the person who is recommending the SEO and can skip the questions ahead in this article.
  • You find them based on their presence online – Here you must focus on the candidate’s track record of success and see some of their past work experience.
  • They may reach out to you to offer their services – As the person has contacted you, so you must check their genuineness, see their past work or even contact their past clients.

2: What things do you do best?

There is no one perfect that fits all SEO consultants. Instead, you must choose the one that fits best your business needs.

For instance, if you offer B2B services to your clients, then you will most likely reject all e‑commerce offers. E‑commerce SEO is a category in itself and many other consultants can perform better job roles.

So, besides an SEO consultant knowing marketing things, he should be good at on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. However, very few SEOs you will find who are good at three. Some SEO just focus on link building or technical SEO.

Depending upon your business requirements, you must seek the right SEO candidate.

3: How much impact your work can bring to my business?

When you have to estimate what SEO can do to your business, you must consider these factors:

  • Organic traffic – Is your business category has high search demand? 
  • Marketing strategy – How much you should prioritize the organic search among other marketing channels. 
  • Developer resources – Can the developer makes changes timely to your website?
  • Content creator resources – Does your team able to produce SEO content or do you have a budget to hire content writers?
  • Link builder/PR resources – Can a link builder help or support you?

A good SEO consultant will assess all these factors when they will be asked about the impact of their work on your business. Your only goal is to think that investing in SEO is the right choice.

4: Do you guarantee to bring successful results with your SEO work?

Does your SEO team guarantee their work will touch the sky and you will receive great traffic? If yes, then this is a dealbreaker, right?

No matter how experienced or how hard-working your SEO is, they can’t guarantee you any result in SEO. There are no variables or any fixed formula involved. Yes, when you are selecting an SEO consultant, you must hire someone who can make a positive impact on your website and the results will show off quickly.

But it’s never 100% result. You will have to wait for some months to see positive results.

Especially, if your site gets hit by a Google algorithm update despite having great SEO, then it may take a lot of months to fix things.

5: How do you approach Google’s SEO guidelines?

There’s no right answer as Google guidelines keep on changing and you have to be honest with what you do.

Google has become much better, real, and honest in terms of SEO. Now, you cannot stuff keywords without offering customer satisfaction to users. Today, google’s main priority is to offer the best facility to users and to give them the best information with exactness.

For example, today, the main topic of disagreement between Google’s algorithm and SEOs is link building. What things work in practice when building links and what Google recommends are two different things.

And definitely, we should not ignore the quality of the content. The content was king and will always be. Match your content to user intent and add more different keywords to your content.

How you should make the ultimate decision of hiring an SEO Company?

how to hire an seo consultant

Adding SEO to your digital marketing strategy can make or break your site. If done successfully, it can double your traffic and improve your sales. While, on the other hand, if not done right, it can bring your site ranking down. So, the best decision is to ask your SEO consultant these questions and hire them only after you feel sure and satisfied.

When you have chosen the ideal SEO companies, get ready to witness the big changes but don’t lose your patience in between. 

Ready to start growing in the rankings? 

Share with us in the comments section below. And for any more help, you can always chat with us.

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