11 Proven and Effective Ways To Get More Website Visitors

You might have read many articles on it and you might have been applying those tactics too. But in this blog, we are going to discuss some innovative tricks through which you can gain website visitors and set up your website for all important people.

So, if you own a website and run a business, it’s time to expand your website and reach to people who could be your customers.

A digital storefront like your website will help your business be available to people all over the world. Here you are halfway already there to be accessible! But, the work doesn’t finish unless people come and visit your website.

You have to make efforts to push the virtual visitors to buy what you’re selling.

But, how you should draw them?

Online marketing and various forms of advertising will help you to be easily reachable to an online audience.

Starting a blog on your website is a great way to target keywords for your website and divert visitors into your web page. It is like if your website is visible on Google search result page, visitors will automatically visit your webpage. Thereby, now is your time when you offer them intriguing things and information on your landing page.

So, let’s get started and learn things on how to get your website on the first page and grab more and more visitors on the web page.

Know the Source of Your Website Traffic

If you have set up Google Analytics on your website, you must know all the sources and places where your traffic comes and visit your web page. You must pay close attention to all your website visitors and entertain your traffic by offering them useful information.

The first and important ways to increase website traffic fast is to drive traffic through a search engine, second is via social media, and third via any referral.

Ahead, in this post, we will discuss each way and best free and paid ways you can grab the visitors.

With paid marketing, you have to understand and pay attention to things like conversion rates, cost per click, result rate, reach, impressions, etc., to be able to find how your paid campaign is working.

Direct or Indirect mediums that Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

Analyzing data on your website is not as easy as it seems. You don’t have a single tool that says set it or forget it. You have to invest in a mix of channels to find out how it works to drive traffic.

You have different options and a mix of channels that work together to drive traffic to your website. Some website may require time and some require money.

Here are some strategies that will help you increase website visitors free. These strategies will allow you to increase website traffic through google easily.

Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you don’t understand SEO and how it works for you then you must immediately hire an expert SEO company for your website. By applying SEO tactics to your website, you can improve its performance, engage right traffic, multiply your research and most importantly be on the first page of Google.

Make sure while you contact and hire those SEO company near me, choose the one that uses white hat SEO methods.

Create a YouTube Video 

video content

Whether you agree or not, videos are a great way to engage users and traffic for maximum time on your website. Also, another big reason is that Google loves Youtube!

You must have seen the result page of Google when you type in a keyword, they first try to give all video content meeting your search terms.

YouTube is a great way to increase website traffic organically to your website and gain exposure on YouTube. By creating short videos that add immense value, be sure to add link of your content on the description.

Write blogs on your website

how to improve google search ranking

Blogs are a great way to introduce and tell about your business and website in a better way. Also, a good read will engage users and they may want to visit your website to read new stuff.

Besides this, good and unique content on your website with the right keywords will help you to rank your webpage on the search engine. Therefore, it will automatically make your web page seen by people who search that related term.

Here are some more ways on how to increase website traffic without SEO:

Grow your Instagram on Social Media

Grow Instagram followers

We all know that Instagram is a widely popular platform to share photos, videos, and a great platform to stay connected with people all around the world. You might use it on your daily basis to share pictures videos, stories, etc; but do you know how to leverage it to drive traffic to your website?

A great digital marketing agency can help you build a great Instagram profile and drive traffic to the website.

Use Email Marketing to increase website traffic

Email digital marketing strategy

Email marketing is great for business and website who want to share some useful information such as any offer, discount, new service, or promote anything. By sending emails to your prospects, you can increase website visitors on your webpage.

But, before you plan email marketing, you must have a list of emails of people who are interested in seeing your mails or services.

This is when you are creating an email, build a lead magnet and sales funnel and market your offers/ emails easily.

Make High-Quality Infographics

Infographics are a great way to tell your visitors some useful information. A high-quality infographic is like clickbait which you can utilize in some content to build useful information for your site. Be sure that you hire a good designer to do all work for you.

Take Interview of Someone in Your Niche

If you wish to expand your business by increasing customers, your first step should be to increase website traffic. By getting enough visitors on your website, you will have better chances to make them your customers.

You can conduct an interview od someone in your niche. The bigger the personality, the better it is for you!

Offer Your Help For Free

Never shy away from helping others. If you will open more opportunities to help others, it will open more doors to new and exciting things.

You can support someone in your niche and bring out the needy from difficult times. Your useful tips and support will help the person in need and you could use it as your testimonial or case study to showcase in your website. You can offer free help to your visitors which will have a great impact on your website and new customers will get attracted.

Here are some paid methods to grab website visitors:

Get Paid Traffic Methods

Paid marketing is instant and quick ways to get traffic on your website. If you have less budget but have good knowledge of tracking things then you can try cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

If your CPA is high enough and you can easily scale your advertising revenues then you can easily implement and use Google tracking pixel and Facebook pixels to find the ad effectiveness.

If you want to increase website traffic and ready to run a paid campaign then Google ads work great. If you are new to Google ads then you have to keep tweaking your campaigns and try new strategies all the time that works best.

Experiment with different bids strategy, keywords, type of ad, copy, etc. You can run two ads at a time with two variations of the same ad group. This will help you find out what works better, to see which strategy is bringing more revenue.

Facebook Ads

When you are starting the ad, you have the option to choose your goal like Google ads. You can select based on what you want to achieve such as website visitors, conversions, purcahse, clicks, etc.

facebook ad campaign

The Facebook ads with detailed targeting option let you target your customers based on their location, age, gender, interests, demographics, or behaviours. The best way is to use Facebook ads is to type in a phrase that best describes your audience interest and then choose from the Facebook expanded list.

Here’s a screen shot of Facebook ad that you will find while selecting your audience type.

Facebook ad manager account


Try these methods and strategies to increase website traffic and build great customers.

Sure, the organic strategy takes times but it will be all worth it. While the paid campaign will give you an instant result. So, you can choose the strategy based on your convenience and need. Or can try both or all these ways to bring humongous traffic on your website.

Tell us in the comments below which ways you use to drive traffic and what new strategy you have learnt that you will use to bring traffic.

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