How To Promote Your Content The Best Way To Get Mindblowing Results!

After you are done writing with a beautiful piece of content, it’s time to share and promote your content. But, promoting your content (content marketing) also needs a strategy and the right ways to get mind-blowing results.

First thing first, start looking for all content marketing ways and off-page SEO techniques. To make it easy for you, we have listed down all essential as well as trending ways on how to promote your content and get huge traffic from it.

Let’s get started!

Post on Social Media to promote your content

Posting content on social media, sharing a link or creating many small snippets of it can be a great way to attract readers to your content. You can use different ways to promote one content on social media. Follow the below 8 effective ways to use social media to promote your content:

  1. Copy the whole content and paste it on LinkedIn in the article column.
  2. Share the link to your blog post
  3. Use Variations of the title and post the link
  4. Write any short statements from the content
  5. Use any attractive Short quotes from the content
  6. Post the graphic of the blog on social media
  7. Share Statistics and data from the content
  8. Ask a question to the audience related to your content

We can proudly say that Social media is one powerful medium through which you can attract visitors to your website. But, don’t forget to be creative with every post. 

Ask Influencer to Backlink Your Content

Asking an influencer to share your blog post or backlink to their post is also one great content promotion strategy and to let their followers and fans visit your website and blog. You can reach influencers before publishing your new piece of content by telling them a topic you are interested in writing and provide a point of view or sneak peek into what you will be writing.

You can find influencers or reach them with BuzzStream. Just enter the keywords of your blog and you will get all popular people in that niche. From thereon, you can easily contact them via email and social media and ask for quotes about your topics.

Do Guest Posting on High DA Website

Guest posting is also similar to influencer posting as you publish content on other website and gain a backlink. Though it is hard to say that you get visitors from guest posting, choosing a high domain website for guest posting will help you earn a backlink and improve your DA authority.

You can search for content promotion sites or guest posting sites in your niche. Then, look for their content guidelines if they have any and prepare content following their specific guidelines.

Send Email to your Subscription List

If you are using an email subscription on your website, it must be comprised of a list of emails of people who are interested in reading your blogs. Therefore, you can send them an email with a blog link every time you publish a blog post. Readers who are interested in reading your content will get a reminder that your blog is published and will visit the blog link. 

According to Campaign Monitor, you have six times higher chances of getting a click from an email than from a single tweet. 

Also, your email list has only people who have already visited your website, knows about you, and showed interest by subscribing to your blog post.

You can even inform your email subscribers beforehand that you are working on a new blog and include any points that you will be writing to generate curiosity. Then, after you are done writing, inform them again that your blog is live and also be sure to include a call to action. This is one of the easiest ways to reach your interested audience and give you results when you search for how to promote your content online.

Add a Podcast Bonuses

Sometimes, people may don’t feel like reading whole and prefer just listening up. Therefore, adding a podcast of your blog post will engage those visitors and promote your blog post. 

You can create a podcast in two ways to attract customers/visitors:

  • Simply speak the whole blog post content and allow listeners to read listen to them and gain knowledge.
  • You can create a bonus after every blog complementing additional things that you haven’t written in the blog such as any additional tips, a quick case study, on-page SEO checklist, etc.

Now, run it by the podcast host and submit it to other podcast platforms. And, you can embed that link to your website too.

Leave helpful comments on other blogs/forums

Sharing some valuable advice or speaking something significant never go wrong with users. Therefore, if you leave a thoughtful comment or add something knowledgeable to any blog discussion section, it helps you get on people’s electronics screens without being pushy.

In fact, these valuable comments can help you earn a backlink, guest post and even podcast interview invites too. You can search for nice sites to promote your content by either adding valuable comments or solve other people’s problems

Update and Upgrade Old Content

Sometimes content doesn’t get enough response that you are expecting. Or maybe it gets most visitors and clicks only during the initial two or three days of publishing and afterwards, CTR is very poor. Well, if you see these indications then it is a clear sign that you need to change your content. 

Updating your content with new information and editing it can improve your search rankings, get more links, more traffic, social shares, and eventually get new customers. You just have to be active to share and promote your content again.

Turn Blog Content Into YouTube Videos

Just like Podcast, you can even convert your blog post into a video. Here you can record your video speaking what you have written in the blog, explaining points and helping readers to get knowledge. 

If you don’t want to come in front of your audience or feel camera shy then you can ask your graphic designer to prepare a video of your blog. He will add some attractive images and video clippings, texts on videos etc. to make it interesting, eye-catching, and a viewer to get into all by looking at a few minutes video. This can also be an effective way to promote your content.

Authentic Case Studies

Create a case study of your clients and the successful projects you have complete and add it to your website page. You can even create a case study of your blog post that has received a great response from the audience/users. 

A case study is a secret weapon that you can use to attract your audience to your blog post and your service. 

Add real data, statistics, and screenshot to prove your authenticity. This is one of the most effective blog promotion ideas that you can use which will also attract users attention.

Wrapping Up

To achieve successful content and to gain visitors through your content, having a great content marketing strategy is a must. If you have prepared good content and haven’t promoted then it won’t bring you traffic naturally that easily. Therefore, as preparing good content is important, likewise promoting it on various verticals is equally important.

You can even contact a blog promotion service to get your work done and get the right support. The professionals know the right ways and can create a unique blog post for you as well as promote it.

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