6 Quick And Effective Ways To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Are you experiencing low conversions? Do people visit your website but unfortunately leave the page without engaging with your content or website? Then, we have got you covered in this blog post and got some real ways to reduce the website bounce rate.

First, install Google Analytics to find out the percentage of bounce rate and the source, content, page, time duration etc. of bounce rate intention.

If you are not confident about using Google Analytics and thinking about what is google analytics bounce rate, you can hire an expert to help you with it. Probably, it is a must-have tool if you own a website as it can tell you the source where you can know about website visitors and from which page they are leaving. If you don’t have an account yet, get it first by signing up here.

These things will give you a better idea of the reason your visitor’s exit and work on those parameters.

For instance, in some case, if you experience that a certain source on your website is leading to more bounce rate traffic then that source might not be the right choice for your business. Or, if you experience that Google searches are leading to more bounce rate then check the keywords that are leading to the bounce rate. There might be an issue with those keywords and they could be negative keywords that might impact your website conversion.

Whatever might be the case. There are also very high chances that your website design, page speed, or call to action is improper. This can be another reason that your website experiences a high bounce rate and you need to find how to fix a high bounce rate.

So, how to find out the real high bounce rate reasons and how to fix the high bounce rate?

Below we have covered some amazing tips on how to decrease bounce rate.

1. Improve Page Load Time

Many marketers know that if they have a high bounce rate then the issue may lie in the page content. But in reality, anything can be a high bounce rate reason and one of the most common reason is the slow loading speed of website pages. When a user visits your website and they experience slow loading page speed then they will naturally take the exit from your website.

This is some serious issue that you need to fix by improving the website speed. As the users who want to visit your website, unfortunately, can’t even see the page you are targeting them to reach.

So, first, find out what is your website load speed time on both mobile and desktop and then work to reduce website bounce rate. On average, a 4-second loading speed is considered to be fine. The lesser the better!

Generally, 47% of users want a webpage to load in two seconds or less. This is one important and crucial step if you want to decrease website bounce rate.

2. Make Your Content Formatting Easy to Read

Have you ever clicked through a blog post or web page and return back very soon because of the intimidating wall of text? It can be discouraging for your users when they see improper formatting of content, irrespective of whether the content is incredibly valuable or unique.

Your blog post must be nicely presented with some engaging words and CTA in between so that the user doesn’t get distracted.

3. Highlight Your Call of Action 

Most users who visit your website will say they like your website or not in a few couples of seconds. If within these seconds, you can grab the attention of users, they will stay and continue scrolling ahead on your website. So, you have a total of ten seconds of the window open, if the user finds something valuable, they will stay and if not, they will leave.

Therefore, you should ensure that your web page top content is engaging.

If you understand your users and what they are looking for, you should give them some valuable CTA in right place, so that they click on it and engages with your website. This way, you can reduce website bounce rate.

Make your call to action clear, honest, and in right place. If your CTA is misleading or creates a bad user experience, it will also lead to low conversions and a high bounce rate. 

4. Follow A/B Testing and Landing Pages Method

It can be high chances that your headline or CTA is not working. That’s why A/B testing helps you in figuring out what works better among your audience and what content gets engaged most. 

You can use different content strategies on every page and run A/B split tests to find out how each platform performs.

You can try and creating a different landing page, different audience, regions, keywords, etc. to analyze. 

If you are working for an international audience, then you can detect the user’s location and show them a better-localized landing page. For instance, you can show them content in their language, currency, cultural background, etc. that improves the user experience. 

5. Put Across Your Customers Success Story

You will see on many websites that a tiny small testimonial slider show up, like a quote from one customer at a time. Though it conveys the message rightly to your audience it’s time that you make it a little more effective. 

So, instead of writing testimonials in just like, you can represent it like a success story and include elements like audio or video of your clients showcasing and thanking your services rendered.  

This will actually create a more appealing thing on your website as well as website visitors will take time to look at it. Thus, it may help you to reduce the website bounce rate.

6. Build Trust to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

Today’s consumers are very smart, they don’t get into any false thing easily. The Internet has helped their lives in taking a decision and now they smartly judge and analyze more easily. Also, they have many options from where they can compare and after looking at several places, they make a decision. 

It is not easy to trust any new business, especially with your money. Therefore, you have to give them confidence that your site sells good things. 

So, build your site reputation, be available everywhere on the internet, get reviews, improve your SEO, write good content, and hire a digital marketing agency in Lucknow or your city/country who will look after your business brand and improve your site performance

Hope this list has helped you gain insight on high bounce rate reason and now you know the right trick to improve it. If you still have any query related to how to reduce website bounce rate, tell us in the comments below, we will answer you shortly.



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