6 Quick Steps To Increase Your Domain Authority Score

When you plan to rank on the first page of Google, then the first thing that comes to mind is getting a good domain score.

So, to increase domain authority, you must look out some factors that Google uses to find the ranking of the website. As the higher your domain authority will be, there are better chances that you will gain better web traffic.

In this post ahead, you will find some simple steps to boost your DA score that will help in increasing your website traffic.

So, whether you have recently built a website or your website has a lower DA score, below you can make a note of some trusted steps on how to improve page authority from 1 to 11 within 8 weeks.

Let’s move ahead.

Difference between Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Before you learn about how to improve google search ranking, you must learn how to improve your site’s domain.

It is essential to learn about the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority without getting confused.

Domain Authority (DA) score is a search ranking score established and developed by Moz. It helps in predicting how high your website will rank on SERPs. While, page authority is a similar metric, which is used to measure the strength of the single page only.

What is a good domain authority score?

A Domain Authority score differs 1 to 100. The highest score your website has, the more authentic and good your website is.

Probably, it also improves your SEO efforts and helps you mark a good place among your competitor’s websites.

The algorithm says it is easier to increase your domain score from 20 to 30 than increasing it from 70 to 80 or 80 to 90.

This means, if you have already gain a good authority, you still have to work harder to improve that score. Probably, more than before!

How to check Domain Authority for your website?

You have multiple domain rating checkers, where you can just enter your website URL and know your Domain Authority score.

To be most authentic, you can check the Domain name quality score using Moz’s Link Explorer, Uber suggest, and Keyword Explorer.

The Domain Authority metrics are put up in multiple SEO campaigns and online marketing platform around the internet.

By keeping a regular check on your website performance and where you are lacking, you can easily improve its performance.

Don’t think much!

I have got an easy guide for you!

Check this below and follow its instructions to learn how to get traffic to your website fast.

How to Increase your Domain Authority Score (six simple steps)

The below tips will surely help in understanding how to increase domain authority. Even as a new website, we are also following these dedicated tips to improve our website DA and gain maximum traffic to our website.

It’s been more than a month to our website and we think we had to put our best step forward to improve DA. Also, the regular content posting is a priority on our list!

To say in short, don’t be too obsessed with your domain authority score. This will increase and grow only in time. Work on determining links, attract genuine links that drive traffic, and you will able to improve your ranking and DA.

Eventually, you will see results.

Have patience!

Look at some below tips on how to improve your DA score and the factors where you should pay attention.

how to improve google search ranking

Below is a step by step guide.

Step 1: Start with selecting a good domain name

If you have just started a business, then you must pick a domain name which is related to your business keyword. For example, if you are a beauty and cosmetics product seller, then you can choose your domain name like “www.beautycareproducts.com”, “www.beautycosmeticsseller.com”, etc.

(A happy news, both these above domain name are not taken, so if you deal in beauty products, you can use this domain name).

A keyword related website will help the user to find you even if they don’t know about your website.

Your website name should be easy to remember so that visitors can easily find you.

You can also choose or buy an old domain which will avoid you to make domain age and renew it for at least three to five years.

Step 2: Fill Your Website with SEO Optimized Content

how to improve google search ranking

SEO is an important thing that matters for both Google search rankings and domain authority. When you fill your website with SEO friendly content and include all relevant keywords on it, you can easily send the right signal to search engine pages.

For example, the SERP will look at your title tagsimage alt tags, URL, keywords, H1, meta tag, meta description etc.

You must also ensure that you keep permalinks short and to the point related to your page keyword.

Step 3: Generate Linkable Content

If you want to achieve high-quality links from multiple domains, then you must work on creating high-quality content and publish regularly.

The more unique and genuine your content will be, the better are the chances that it will be shared and linked by people.

You have to build a content which is relevant to your brand and your user find it informative, helpful, and easy to understand. 

It is like your product or service, the better it will be, the more people will buy it. Similarly, if you will have a well-crafted content on your webpage, people will want to visit your web page again and again which will improve your SEO performance.

The reason is that SEO relies on traffic on real people and the number of shares and backlinks you generate.

Step 4: Work for getting high-quality links

If you want to get high-quality links, then you must first link it to a good quality website. A good website’s link will allow you to gain a reputation as well as those websites might notice you.

Besides this, you have to create amazing content that draws people’s attention. If the content will be good, then the audience will automatically link to it. This will further increase your DA organically and offer you tons of benefits.

So, when you start producing content that is worth linking to, you can easily build a great reputation and henceforth get traffic to your website free.

Step 5: Delete Unwanted Harmful Links

You must go through your link profile every often and click on every link to find out which link could hurt your profile. It is essential to remove those hurting links otherwise it may cause a bad affect on your domain authority.

Sometimes, it can be a hassle to check on every link. So, instead of doing it manually, you can take help from a tool like Ahrefs, Deadlinkchecker, Brokenlinkchecker, SEOPressor’s Link Manager. You no longer have to check the links one by one.

Below I have check broken link for my website.

You can see, it is showing 15 broken links.

I am immediately going to fix all the broken link issue.

Will you also?

broken link checker

Step 6: Use Social Media to promote your content

Probably, just writing good content won’t help you until your customers reach you. So, you must focus on promoting it well, so that it reaches out to maximum people.

When content is viewed more times, you will gain traffic to your website which will further help in improving domain name quality score.

You can share all your content to your social media account and don’t forget to use related hashtags on it. Also, you can further share the content in a Facebook group of your industry.

Before choosing the group, you must first readout its policies and guidelines as well as select the one that has a maximum number of members. This will help you in finding out a genuine audience.

Besides the above tip, I also want to share a tip that why DA ranking can decrease over time.

Please avoid this situation with your website too!

Why did the Domain Authority decrease?

A Domain authority comprises of multiple metrics and calculations but to find the exact reason can be challenging.

If you want to score high, many factors influence it, like:

  • Your link profile growth is not yet indexed.
  • The high authority sites have experienced link growth, angling the climbing process.
  • You might have links that don’t include to Google ranking.
  • You are not posting your content regularly.
  • We crawled more of your linking domain.
  • Your site may be impacted by scaling variation.


If you are ready to take one step ahead with your business and launching your website soon, then the above tips must have taught you how to drive massive traffic to your website.

Don’t forget to follow every tip. As with dedicated efforts, you can easily grow your audience which will directly improve your website DA score.

Patience is the key!

If you have patience and willingness to achieve your target then with constant efforts, you will see results.

Tell us in the comments below, what is your website stage and has our tips helped you in making a strategy to improve website google rank?

Also, if you need our help, we are ready to guide you towards your success.

Tell us in the comments section which tips you are going to follow to increase website domain score.

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