5 Instagram Growth Hacks To Gain Followers in 2020

You might have read a lot about Instagram growth strategies and how Instagram can bring positive result in your marketing strategies. Even I too agree that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in today’s time and even many of Instagram growth hacks promise you hundreds of new followers every day if you follow their advice.

But, not all strategies work in your favour, some of the strategies work, while some of them don’t. Growing an Instagram page is not few days’ processes but you have to strive hard each day like it’s your first day to put Instagram marketing tools at the right place!

However, the best idea is to find strategies that work in your niche. You can take a look at the competitor’s Instagram marketing strategy and strive for those goals.

Well, to help you better, we have shared 5 best Instagram growth hacks 2020 that will help you look into the effectiveness of the Instagram methods and tactics to improve your Instagram growth strategy.

1. Instagram Growth Content Strategy

No matter what kind of business you are running, by making it to Instagram, you can reach out to a large audience. You will get enough attention from people with the promise of an incredible audience base.

But, your priority should be to educate your audience, offer them great and unique content.

You can follow the effective ways to get the best Instagram strategy for Instagram marketing hacks.

1) Create sharp visual graphics and videos

Instagram has the power to provide you followers with visually appealing and attention-grabbing images. You have to be selective while choosing the theme and images, also real images of people using your products would be even better.  

2) Share customer feedback or any Interesting Stories

Storytelling is the most powerful way to attract attention and tell your followers about your journey, how you do and what you do. Just remember, the more they will know about your brand and what does it do, the more they will trust you!

Think about what your followers are interested in and what they love watching the most. Share an engaging message and ask questions from them in your copy which they can relate to.

3) Publish a Viral and shareable content

Many research and studies believe that if one piece of content has hit many people’s account, you can easily improve if you continue to serve. So, find the viral content, research accounts and brands in your niche and create your unique design.

For instance, you can try to create quotes, memes, infographics, etc., that have higher chances of engagement, likes, shares, and comments.

2. Instagram Engagement Strategy

Instagram is one of the best platforms where you can market your brand online. Around 73% of business rely on Instagram marketing strategies to get sales. It has plenty of benefits to engage an audience and pull an efficient community that supports the business with the best trick.

If you want to get maximum engagement and increase your audience then Instagram engagement strategy will work in your favour.

You can follow the below tips to get maximum engagement among your followers:

1) Include “Tap the Save Button”

The Instagram save option to allow you to get more contacts than ever. You can create content that encourages users to tap the save button.

2) Add Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram story stickers will encourage your followers to share their experience and opinions. It will build loyalty and they feel more connected to your brand. You can also use special Instagram filters such as the question sticker, countdown sticker, and quiz sticker.

3) Be active on Social media

If you want people to engage on social media, you must engage with others. Like, if you want one comment on your next post, then you must comment on 10 other posts. And similarly, if you want 10 likes on your post, you must do 100 likes.

Pro Tip: Identify the top 10 most relevant hashtags in your niche and go through every hashtag and post an authentic comment on top 9 posts. By doing this Instagram technique every day, your account will gain engagement across 90 posts (10 hashtags, 9 posts per hashtag) which in burn bring 90 new chances to be seen by new followers

4) Be Real on Social Media

If you want growth hack social media, you have to genuinely connect with you and want to build a strong community then be yourself on social media. Your audience enjoys people who are real and trust them more as you have higher engagement chances.  

5) Let users learn from your post  

This is the easiest way to find out what your users want from you and how you can engage them. By engaging them on regular basis, asking their preferences, start a conversation and think of them better. Also, in this way, you can create content that people are ready to buy from you.

6) Schedule Your Instagram Posts and Stories

Prepare a strategy on your Instagram and get better engagement by adding regular Instagram posts and stories. On Instagram stories, you can reach more viewers and gain better Instagram engagement. Also, on every post, you can check the insights by seeing the account reached, number of engagement, number of shares, and saves.

3. Call to Action Plan

Your Instagram followers and audience must know what they have to do after seeing your post. By adding a CTA, your followers will take that desired step and achieve your target. For instance, adding things like “Click the link”, “follow us”, “write a comment”, “shop now”, “visit website”, “buy the product”, etc., will lead them at the right destination you are targeting for.

To make the best use of your CTA, you can follow these below ideas:

1) Publish Short Teasers

If you are starting up with an Instagram marketing techniques and profile creation, always ensure that you have a ready idea. Like, you can map out the strategy and layout all post strategically such as how to introduce your brand, what will be the strategy of posting, what posts interests your audience, how to engage the audience with your post, how to grow followers on Instagram , etc.

Just ensure that you make only those strategies that interest your audience for long when they visit your links. You may also ask them to redirect to your Instagram Stories to see the teasers on your brand.

2) Pitch your followers need

Before creating any campaign, understand why your followers need your product and how different you are from your competitors. When you will understand these two things, you can easily target the right targeted group that motivates them to buy.

You can also share valuable and insightful information about your service and products that pulls them to buy.

3) Use Effective Language Phrases

Good words and phrases such as “register now,” “subscribe to,” “click on,” or “buy now” are some pitching phrases that persuade followers to do so. But, make sure you do not overdo it. As too much sales post also gets thumbs down from followers.

4) Create a Sense of Urgency

Your Instagram post such as “order within 24 hours to avail discount coupons”, “discount offer to first 50 customers”, “sale time for a limited period”, etc. these CTA create a sense of urgency and people tends to follow your direction.

As you inject a sense of urgency into your CTAs, your customers will feel that they will miss out on something if they don’t take action.

5) Big CTA Works Better

When you have to choose the CTA, the size, font and everything matter a lot. Although changing the size of your CTA in Instagram is not possible but you can make it look out from the rest of your caption.

4. Hashtag Usage and Frequency

Instagram hashtags usage is undoubtedly the best way to reach your targeted set of audience. With any post, Instagram hashtag reaches a bigger number of audience than with any other strategy.

The above insights show that ‘hashtags’ are the most relevant and most effective instagram hacks for organic growth.

You can follow these below helpful tips on how to use hashtags successfully:

1) Hashtags Frequency

You are allowed to 30 hashtags on every post. With every hashtag, your Instagram post will be reachable to more number of people. So, if you choose all those limited hashtag numbers strategically i.e. right hashtags, then you have great and bigger chances of engagement. The plus point is this strategy helps you to many Instagram accounts with maximum being non-followers.

Now, choosing the hashtag is not rocket science but it is similar to Google keywords used via social media. So, to be specific, use hashtags that are relevant to your business and choose a little less common hashtags. Like, you can choose a bigger word hashtag rather than just focusing on the one-word hashtag. The more specific your hashtags will be, the better it is. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook marketing strategy.

2) Write Hashtags in the First Comment

Many people write Instagram hashtags on their first comment instead of writing on the caption. There is no special benefit offered by Instagram but the only benefit is you can keep your caption neat without crowding your captions.

3) Keep on altering your hashtags

If you have been using your hashtags same ever since for week or months, make sure that you change with every time you post. As if you keep on using the same hashtag for a long period, you can be treated as a bot by the Instagram algorithm and your account can be shadowbanned.

So, you can target the same category keyword but always keep on experimenting with new hashtags to reach new people.

5. Captivating Caption Strategy

Captions are a great way to tell your audience about what you want to convey with the picture you have shared on Instagram. When your caption is engaging and your audience spends time in reading it, your post naturally gains engagement.

So, first, take an idea of what are your campaigning goals and what your competitors are doing. So, when you start writing your next caption, check the primary goal and move step by step.

You can follow these below tips:

1) Include Catchy line within the First Sentence

Always remember that your first sentence is highly important and you should ensure that it is compelling and engaging from the first word. You may ask a question and include CTA in the starting after the first two lines of your caption.

A question in the caption will allow the users to take action. This is also one of the best growth hack techniques that will lead you towards more customers.

2) Add Valuable content for long term growth

Your Instagram page continues to grow if you continue to offer valuable content. You can share some tips, strategies, informative content, success story, and even failure story. Everything that is relatable and what users are searching for will let users engage with it.

If your followers and non-followers find it valuable, they will share it ahead and hence it can be the best way to grow followers on Instagram.

3) Be Realistic

When you are creating an Instagram caption, do not forget to keep a realistic touch. Your caption can be intentional as well as strategically put, but make sure you maintain authenticity.

Pro Tip: When you are writing caption always write in different paragraphs and keep your paragraphs short for about three to four lines. To create beautiful and clean captions, you can put dots in the middle of every line/paragraph change and afterwards delete just those dots. This will make you to easily change your paragraph.  

Are you ready to see your Instagram growth 2020?

If you answered yes, then these above Instagram followers hacks will allow you to experience Instagram growth.

These strategies and ways to grow followers on Instagram will surely work if you decide to work together and be consistent and intentional in using tactics what you have learned all this while reading the Instagram post.

If you have any questions or want to give feedback you share your query with us. We would be happy to help you.

Also, share in the comments below what thing has struck you and what you want to use for your Instagram growth strategy.

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