How To Differentiate Between Normal Website and Lead Generation Website

Almost every website owner has one common primary goal i.e. to increase website visitors. The more the traffic you have, the more are the chances to convert them into leads and then customers.

But, to reach that point is also not easy.

There are many basic websites that look beautiful and professional with all attractive images etc., but it still lacks something to convert visitors.


What’s the reason?

A lead generation website unquestionably has perceptible differences.

To ensure that your website is attractive enough what you do?

  • Focus on visual design
  • Contrasting colour scheme
  • Balanced layout, 
  • Readable font 

However, the visual appearance is not the only thing that separates it from normal website design. 

If you have launched a website months ago and still not able to generate enough leads then your website needs some more elements. 

What are those elements?

Well, it’s a clear fact, if your website is getting visitors and in return, the visitors are gaining information then your website is close to becoming a lead generation site.

To be more clear, here are 6 missing elements from a basic website that make it less salesy or not a lead generation platform. If you’ll include these website elements, you will able to see a major difference.

  1. Informative Content
  2. Right Call to Action Button
  3. Make interactive video
  4. Include testimonials 
  5. Contact and Conversion Forms
  6. Data Analytics 

Let us learn how to create a lead generation website and what elements differentiate between a normal website and lead generation one.

Create informative and helpful content for your readers

When you are creating a website and writing content for it, try to make ‘spreading information’ as your main motive. Nobody is interested in the direct advertisement that screams ‘Hire Now’. But, your website should be a mix of information, help, resourceful, etc. The more it has something important to share, the more people will engage.

Your first motive should be to make a loyal audience base by preparing an impactful content.

Lead generation sites focus on offering help to readers which in return build trust with a potential client.

Add right Call-to-Action at every stage of buying

Adding the right call to action at the right place is equally important. 

When your audience lands on the landing page you are redirecting, you should focus on taking them to the right call-to-action. If the audience doesn’t find right information what they are looking for or doesn’t know where to click then it may be difficult to convert them into leads.

A user mainly scrolls down the website and look for the buttons such as:

  • Contact Us
  • Get Quote
  • Free Consultation
  • Subscribe
  • Request Information
  • Free Demo
  • Download E-Book/Guide/Cheat Sheet etc.
  • Watch Video
  • Attend Free Webinar
  • Receive Blog Updates

Missing CTAs, at buying cycle reduces website ability to take action. Basic websites don’t offer such CTA that grasp the psychology of the user.

Make Your Videos Speak to the User

Websites with embedded videos have the power to fill the gap between a visitor and a lead. If a person’s visits your website with no expectation and he sees something interesting like any video that pinches their pain point then there are maximum chances to convert them into your customers.

 A video has the power to increase engagement, lower the bounce rate, increased conversion rate, generate loyal visitors, turn a visitor into a subscriber, and you can win your prospective customers.

A video basically speaks to the user and when a user relates to what the video is saying he gets hooked up. 

Product video has better conversion rates over users who simply view an ad. With the help of the video, you can make the user feel informed and make them confident about their purchase.

Include Testimonials and Case Studies for better authority

Testimonials have the power to let the user know about what your customers/clients feel. It generates better authenticity and helps them take a step further.

Also, the better your testimonial page will be, the better are the chances for lead generation.

Focus on portraying a rich media versions video with heavy bandwidth for lead generation websites builder. A solid testimonial can have the impact and convince the visitor more if he is confused about your services.

Moreover, an added case study of your previous clients will make your website even more noteworthy and will turn visitors into leads.

Add a detailed and descriptive contact form

Imagine when a user lands on your website and he doesn’t know the right way to contact you. Or, if the user is surrounded by too many CTA that he gets confused which call to action to choose or which to ignore. 

The best way is to present a detailed contact form so that the audience can easily fill in their details and reach out to you.

A website without a contact form is definitely a basic website and will not generate leads.

Besides gaining leads, a contact form helps in:

  • Reduce spam
  • Bring exact info from leads
  • Get email list 
  • Offer a thank-you page
  • Track info of visitor
  • More furnished leads

Note: Many lead generation companies offer services offer both email link and contact form).  

A basic website doesn’t run or analyse Google Analytics (or regularly analysing its data)

Do you know that nearly 30 million websites run on Google Analytics?

The reason is common!

Because website data is important.

By helping clients, you can turn a boring website into a lead generation one. 

Google Analytics has great impact and if you analyse the statistics on a regular basis, you will see results.  

By helping clients, I’ve come to realize that Google Analytics is the core of lead generation. If a business owner is not seeing results from his website then it can be damaging to the website traffic. You will have a high bounce rate due to user behaviour, content, and speculations.

Once you will start seeing results on Google Analytics, you will see infatuated website data. It is a window to judge what’s working and what’s not.

But, analyzing is not easy. Good SEO and regular posting plays an important role.

Sometimes, it can be tough to check the data and do a little research. You can check the website data from anywhere by simply clicking on Google “View page source”. Then, search for the Google Analytics code (the tracking code starts with “UA-”).

You can take help from this blog SEO Mistakes That You Might Be Making Unknowingly


When your main motive is to get maximum user engagement and increase sales then you should create a lead generation website that helps you reach your goals better.

All these essential lead generation tools discussed above are a must include in a website if you aim to get better conversions.

Probably, when a user lands in a website and doesn’t know where to go and how to reach you, it is an immediate put-off which marks exit intent.

While a fully optimized website with all essential lead generation elements will not only gain users attention but it will also push them to take any action on your website. Hence, it will earn you a lead which may turn into prospective customers.

What do you think of this Lead Generation Website elements list? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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