How A Newly Built Hair Salon Site Was Ranking on First Page of Google within 1 Month?

The Hair Salon Website was given to us after the launch. It was new, with no to minimum content and needed support in content writing and on-page and off-page SEO.

We started off by creating the best SEO content for the website, founded the keywords, checked the website SEO issues, solved them, and started content marketing.

Our Challenge

To make website SEO friendly and rank high on Google.

What Solution We Presented

A digital marketing service like ours followed an innovative approach and made the website SEO friendly by adding engaging and quality content, created a service page, added H1, H2, Alt text etc. to make the website dynamic and user friendly. From thereon, we created content, graphics, infographics and promoted on all verticals to gain reach and engagement. We have started seeing results within the first month when our first keyword was ranking on the first page of Google.

With time we tracked analytics data, measured metrics, performance, conversion, bounce rate and followed white hat SEO to reach our results.

Results that Speak Volume

We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.08%, which generated a few new sales. We worked for this client for three months from 12 October 2020 to 21 January 2021 and gained more than 7 k plus impressions with only SEO and content writing.

Our targeted keywords also appeared high on search Engines and were ranking on top of Google. We started with targeting a few set of keywords and moved ahead for a larger list to rank high.

Please note that these were the average positions only, actual positions are always verified by searching in

7K+ Impressions in 3 Months

50% increase in website traffic

12 Keywords on First Page of Google

“Upscalic Marketing team has followed the most effective ways of bringing visitors to my site compared and helped me start my business gain online recognition”

Andy Martinez, Owner at Startyler

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