10 Free Online Ways To Attract Customers and Expand Your Business

Do you feel doubtful or have you ever thought that how to gain customers online and a big clientele? 

One of the important key factors in any company is its customer’s value. If you can analyse customer’s profitability and how it is valuable to your business, you can increase a customer’s lifetime value. 

Start with identifying your customers such as who are your customers, what they do, where are they, what they like, dislike, etc. The more you will research on your customer’s journey, the more you can identify the customer and the better you will perform.

So, find an opportunity to build a loyal relationship with your customers and let them trust you. But, before you sell out to your customers and gain their trust, you should be confident that your product or service is truly the best that your business can offer.

Then the next step is to increase customers and grow your business. Stay consistent with your customer and cherish your existing customers by offering them high business value and be loyal with them. 

Even if you can retain 5% of the customer, it will increase by 75% customer value.

But, the challenge is how to improve retention by 5% first!?

The below infographic will help you how to promote your business online and earn customers attention.

Below we have mentioned some more 10 best free ways to promote your business that will help you generate more customers and expand your business. 

Offer free newsletter to customers

Any free service or even a free newsletters subscription to customers and website visitors will grab their attention and they won’t mind getting these free service. So, if you think that your business can create some interesting newsletter to visitors then you can try offering it on your website.

When you offer a free newsletter, you will be informing your potential customers that you are offering them free information which can help them know more about your business. Also, if your content is good, then customers can even enjoy reading your contents regularly.  

Gain customer by asking for opinions

When a website visitor visits your website, you can ask them to complete a short survey related to your business. Many visitors will happily answer your questions and you can create data out of their opinions t understand your customers better.

Many people are happy to express themselves and often enjoy telling or sharing their experiences. Basically, the more you will know them, the better you can serve them.

Offer quick customer support service

Any customer who contacts customer care for any query for their first order or tenth order, it is important to handle and listen with that enthusiasm. If you will satisfy your customer and listen to their query, they will feel connected and want to get services from you only. 

Just ensure that you treat your customer with the respect which is a great business expansion strategy to follow. Your happy customer will share this experience with three other people which will lead to increase sales. 

Update your website with content fresh

Your website should be updated with fresh and unique content daily. As when any customer visits your website, they must see a refreshing content that helps them gather information. Updating a blog that reports the latest business news, some key-takeaways etc. will give you a loyal audience who will keep on visiting your website to gain their knowledge.

Also, fresh content will help your website to be found online on search engine pages and to be seen everywhere.

Support your business on social media channels

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. have a great scope to gain website visitors and is also one of the cheap ways to promote your business.

When you write new content, you can create a social media channel you are active in and be sure to publicize on social media channels. There is no better way or platform to grow your customer base than by offering value to promote your brand.

Build a solid customer base

By marketing your business and product, you can keep your customers entertained every time and can build a strong customer base. Though it is not a one day job you should indulge in regular campaigns and must know how to find potential customers online.

Host or speak at an event or an industry gathering

When you are running your business, you have plenty of expertise in your field, therefore, it is the best way you can share your knowledge with others and get involved in the community. 

By sharing your experience and by getting involved with people of the same expertise will help you interact with different people. Even as a community, you can grow your connections and earn a reputation as a leader in your industry.

Add click-worthy call to action button

On an actionable level, there are multiple strategies and actionable ways to attract customers that will help you redirect your customers to the right place. Therefore, placing the right call to action at the right place will help you get customers, as well as customers, will know what next action they have to take.

There are plentiful strategies available that you can use to draw the attention of customers.  

Whether you are posting an Instagram post, a weekly newsletter, or any of your offline marketing strategies, you must find the right CTA button.

Call to action doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborative but you can find a goal that aims to help you where to advertise online for free.

Offer free trials to new customers

Another best reason to acquire new customers is to offer a free trial service for your product. By offering free trial service, your new website visitors will most likely to enjoy your service and can market your product/service.

People can get feedback on new products and make improvements where required.

By offering free trials, you can show the value to your customers and convert them into your paying customers. 

Offer great free trial service for one month, if people start enjoying your service, they will get converted into a loyal customer.

Publicize customer testimonial and case study

There is an uncountable number of ways to attract customers and get in front of a potential new client and bring their attention to your business or service. You can ask your existing and past customers to share their opinion on using your product which you can publicize on your website. 

Also, if you have got some successful venture and relationship with customers, you can write a case study of your customers and put it on your website.

This will let you know how to make your online business grow and attract potential clients. You could even attract visitors online and let them learn what you did any past.

Wrapping Up

You can follow these helpful ideas to attract customers and grow your business. These freeways to attract customers will allow you to build a strong presence among your visitors and gain genuine customers.

If you are seriously looking to renovate your business and wanted business expansion then you must start following these innovative ideas.

What do you think of these ways to increase your customers? Share with us in the comment section below on how to expand your business. 

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