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A brand is a company’s representation and a visual signal that tells our story of company goal, culture and values. We understand the link between a business and its audience; this is why we strive towards creating the best brand identity elements for your customers.

Upscalic Marketing offers Brand identity design services and works towards the aim to meet your company’s identity by offering concise brand messaging.

We are an epitome of marketing and understand that your business is unique and it must be looked the same way by your customers too. The name, logo, the design, product, website, service etc., play an important role in achieving success.

“A brand lives and changes in the minds and hearts of consumers”.

Thereby, being a caretaker of your business, you should never rule out its appearance and your brand identity design.

So, if you want to compete with other brands and want to go far, you are in the right place!

Always remember, your brand is more than just a logo. This is the reason our brand identity service package follow the tricks and tips of top brand. Perfect brand identity examples like Coca-Cola have also followed a well-developed brand identity and laid out six components:

Why Brand Development and Identity is Important?

Your Brand is the “Face” of the Business

For all aims and purposes, your brand logo is the face of your business that represents your company’s image. Therefore, the face should be interesting, cool, and unique that associates with brand identity. It should tell people that this image, means your company.

Your brand creates credibility and trust among the audience

If your brand has an identity, it will make your product more memorable. It means it will become more authoritative in the marketplace. When a customer starts linking your services and find what they are looking for, you will develop trust and slowly you will gain good credibility.

Creates Advertising Impressions

When you plan to advertise your services and products, your brand is the first thing what people see, whether that ad is in print, digital, on social media, or YouTube. Your brand name and its face will do half of the promotion and create good advertising impressions on possible buyers.

Your brand must meet the Company’s Mission

When you have found the identity of the brand, you initiate one step ahead. This gains trust among people. Your company’s mission and goals will only be met, once you create a brand identity.

Find New Customers and Retain Existing Ones

As we have already stated that brand is the face of your business. A brand identity with a face helps people get attracted to your website and may trust your brand more. After they become your customer, the brand gives them a sense of belonging. A good product will generate customers, but with a good brand, your customer will advocate!

What do we do?

We are a proud brand identity design agency and believe that our awesome work can help in driving awareness and a memorable experience of your business. Our talented designers and content creators create brands that reverberate and communicate with people with credibility and prestige.

When our clients are satisfied, we generate a strong, contemporary, and unique brand with a tailored logo and corporate design that easily represents values. Thereby, helps them in position at the top of their market.

We continually expand our thoughts and reach, to deliver a clear and insightful message to our clients’ brands. Our motive is to, create the brand identity components, such as:

  • New Market Opportunity
  • Unique Storytelling technique
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Presentation Collateral
  • Marketing Discussion
  • Brand Planning
  • User Experience Journeys
  • Customer & User Segmentation

How we build brand identity?

1. Create A Brand Strategy

When you start shopping for something, 40% of consumers have a certain brand in mind. Because they trust that brand and want to shop from a trustworthy name only.

While the other 60% are open to new brand options. Thereby, if your new brand makes them satisfied, then they may come into that 40% category and want to trust your brand only for future shopping.

You can achieve this by creating an efficient brand strategy before starting the actual branding process. We can help you during this journey and point the valuable audience and ensures that the brand becomes recognizable and trustworthy.

Our brand research and strategy includes tasks such as:

  • Analysing and researching the market
  • Define the target audience based on demographics
  • Find out the goals
  • Prepare the mission and business core value.
  • And more!

2. Design a unique logo

Studies have shown that the colour of the brand logo improves brand recognition by up to 80 per cent. This means when you choose a good colour, design, and a strategic logo, you could easily grab users attention.

Thus, many brands look for an aesthetic logo design that defines their brand aim, mission, service, products, and values.

We agree that logo is not the only thing in branding but it is often the most highly-recognized. This is why; you should never ignore its design and concept.

Successful logos have a few key design qualities such as:

  • Simple and accessible
  • Contemporary yet ageless
  • Open for all digital size screens
  • Easy to remember and have robust brand relevance.

3. Give identity to the Brand, Products & Services

Customers process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than the words, brand, product and service. Therefore, the name should be under the brand identity.

A successful brand or product name should be:

  • Precise, short or simple
  • Signify the key mission of the brand
  • Easy to speak and read

4. Website is the image of your brand

When you have a strong brand identity and multiple platforms, you can easily improve the brand image and visibility up to 4 times. But, always remember, a website is the most important platform that any visitors see before contacting you.

If the website is attractive, then visitors may get easily impressed by your brand identity design services.

The best brand identity design agency spends time for a brand professional website and may select well-branded sites that have the following:

  • The personalized and creative logo design in the top-left corner that conveys the message of your brand.
  • Big, easy to understand fonts.
  • A clear and consistent colour scheme of the website that matches other contrasting images.
  • Natural navigation.
  • Well brought up strategic landing pages that are aimed for meeting brand goals.
  • And more!

5. Get identity on other platforms 

There are some infinite numbers of digital platforms available. To make your brand successful, your business must present themselves to the right audience at the right time.

Therefore, you can seek for creating an identity on other brands and channels such as:

  • Social media accounts
  • Marketing movements
  • Print and Graphic designs
  • Email newsletters
  • Packaging designs
  • Video marketing
  • Display advertisements
  • And more!

How much brand development and identity services will cost you?

If you want to avail our Logo design and branding services, you can contact us. We will offer you the best possible resources and treat your brand like ours.

This is not our work to offer you services, but it is our passion what we fulfil!

By serving you and meeting your goals, we feel satisfied and contented. Our mission is to always strive for improvement and betterment!

When it comes to our fees, we charge a very small amount of consolidate fee. We understand your brand and your need which is why our services are worth our charges.

Our pricing packages are divided into three categories: Basic, standard, and advance. So, based on your business budget, you can choose our budget brand identity services.

To get our service, fill the form, and specify what type of resource and service you require and we will get you best pricing package in the market with unsurpassed work.

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