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From creating content to finding ways of distribution and promotion, Upscalic Marketing handles everything on their shoulders.

We are industry-leading Content Marketing Services in India that help various business and brands in meeting their business goals. With the help of compelling content, you can fuel up your brand image, website, email campaigns, social media accounts, and paid distribution services.   

After all, at every step, you may need to learn efficient ways on how to create a content strategy.

Our goal is to offer you the best content that drives maximum traffic. Here are a few facts about Content Marketing that you should know.

  • A website that publishes content on their websites regularly, tend to receive 8 times more traffic as compared with a website that doesn’t post content regularly.
  • The methods of digital marketing are cost-friendly and cost 62% lesser than outbound marketing.
  • Generate 3 times more leads to outbound marketing.
  • Converts 6 times traffic into customers.
  • Enhances your email marketing and social media marketing methods.

Marketing content is a lot cheaper and effective form of advertising. Our content marketing methods will prove fruitful for your business and it could easily influence conversions. 

We offer you the following methods and techniques.

Content Marketing Audit

Content marketing audit helps us in knowing how the content is performing after publishing. Our experts dig into deep, to find out how your content is performing and whether it is relevant or not.

Our efforts find out that whether your audience is reacting and resonating it with themselves or not?  

Beyond that, audit experts assess your content and will create an actionable recommendation for long term performance. 

Content Marketing Strategy

We will first plan a digital content marketing strategy that highlights your business in a unique way. After that, we will research your buyer’s persona and will learn about your customer’s preferences. 

Our writers create content that appeals your customers and schedules a blog calendar that will easily attract your audience.

Finally, after being fully assured, we send the content to you for approval.

Content Development

Our content is written only by professional content writers. Our writers get involved with content development and produce a high-quality article for your website.

It is fully written, edited, and published internally for your business.

The content writer assures that the content is of high quality and can be published to any platform such as WordPress blog or similar CMS. 

Content Distribution

After finishing up with the writing work, we look after measures for its distribution. Our digital marketing agency services include distribution of your article on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If you want your content distribution at more other platforms, you can take our social media management services or email marketing services.

These additional services will help in distributing your content in the right way.  

Content Marketing Reporting

We prepare content marketing reports from time to time and send it to you each month. We mainly look at the website traffic and the time when the new user arrives at your website including their location.

By doing Search Engine Optimization, we prepare a report and share it with you, so that you can take a brief on our progress.

Content Performance Optimization

We also measure and check the performance of the article.

This is probably the final crucial piece towards the success of a marketing plan. We follow the data-driven approach to the current measurement of the letter down and evaluate every content piece. Our approach is data-driven that channel against your KPI’s to reach the final results.

If you are still in awe on how things will work out, give us a chance and let us show you how the real magic transpires.

Talk To Content Marketing Specialist Now!

Our content marketing agency services will support you throughout in increasing your website traffic online and will market it to different marketing channels.

Our specialist will support you at different levels and channels including social channels such as social media, search engine, and email marketing.

Our content writers are also ready to offer you relevant and engaging content that build audience trust and influence their buying decisions. Our specialist services include strategy development, content creation, editing, scheduling, optimizing, and publishing on your website.

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