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Writing an email is not an easy job, it may require a professional content writer to step up in the shoe of the seller and write compelling email marketing campaigns. When you regularly publish email newsletters and keep in touch with your prospects, customers and clients, then you are at better advantage of maintaining your relationship with them.

Upscalic Marketing has a team of professional content writers who knows all the best trick and technique to write an attractive copy for your client. Our email marketing service providers are not restricted to writing work only, but also we offer a well-equipped email marketing format as well as graphic designing.

Our targeted email marketing service will guarantee you five things.

  • Compelling email campaign
  • Email open rate increases
  • High click-through rate
  • Better response rate
  • Audience engagement

What do we offer?

Take a better understanding of what and how we function. When you hire an email marketing service, you will be offered with the following services from us to reach your customers.

Improve Sales Cycle

Sometimes, the amazing response of email copy can give you some surprising results that can better your sales. Our experienced email copywriters have great experience in writing professional email copy and best email writing examples that can improve click-through rates as well as provokes responses and keeps receivers far from the unsubscribe link.

Personalized emails to users

We have personalized email templates for different industries and different clients; you can let them know that you remember them as well as know about them. We prepare a different mix of content types such as sales letters, newsletters, blog posts, lead generation emails, announcement email, re-activation emails, transactional emails, exclusive offer email, social media posts and more.

Our writers understand the power of your emails, and this is the reason they generate a customer-friendly email that helps the customer to click on a call to action.

Move prospects

You can drive more sales by turning your prospects into your customers. Your targeted customers might get moved by your proposal and might want to business to with you. 

Cold email marketing is an effective strategy especially for the prospects that are interested in your service, as the chances are very high that they might select your service.


Newsletters are online reports that people can easily subscribe and get information about the brand and company they have signed up. The newsletters contain useful information, updates, news, and updates, on your mailbox from time to time.

Many companies follow the “Subscribe to Newsletter” policy when they can send out newsletters to their employees, and their subscribers.

Also, some companies may use a marketing newsletter to drive traffic to their websites, produce sales, and build a relationship with subscribers.

An email newsletter design generally has the following components of a newsletter that include:

  • Subject Line
  • Mail body
  • Call to action
  • Images and video (if required)

Email gets delivered to the mailbox

The most refreshing thing is to continually find your inbox with all essential and refreshing things such as fresh, relevant content for successful email marketing campaigns. Many reputation-based filters look at your website engagement metrics such as click rates, number of open mails, and the total time spent on reading the e-mail. If these metrics are lower in your email campaigns, then your email service provider (ESP) like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL will immediately redirect the mail to the junk folder.

Email service provider for business can also automate your content based on your filters that control your marketing messages. If the ESP detect that your email contains mostly ads with no quality then they may automatically redirect your mail to the junk folder. You can establish a good image among your recipients by regularly sending relevant content. This will not only enhance your message deliverability, but it also lets the receiver gets engaged by your content which may convert them into your customers.

The systematic flow of emails

We ensure that your receiver receives right mail timely which is why we use special automated tools to ease this process. You can set an automated order schedule to get weekly and daily update.

We design every piece of content, keeping in mind of your services, your website, and search engine optimization.

Customized email marketing strategies

When you want to work with us, we will ensure that we follow the best email marketing strategies and keep you informed about the plants and campaigns beforehand.

We follow the below methods. You will find consistency and guarantee of the following:

  • Our email content will be free from grammar and spelling errors.
  • Every sentence on our email newsletter is crisp and well written that help the readers to easily understand.
  • Our content is presented in a personalized tone so that your user relates with them but it doesn’t go too personal.
  • The content addresses to the individual instead of targeting a group of people.
  • Also, there’s a balance between the main body of the content and call to actions statements.
  • We ensure a promising email newsletter that is convincing enough that allow people to open your message.

Integrated with Email marketing Tools (Active Campaign, Hubspot, Iterable, Keep, MailChimp, Marketo)

We use top email marketing tools such as Mail Chimp and Hubspot. These tools allow us to automatically send your content to the Mail Chimp and HubSpot campaigns. With just a simple click, you can approve your content and create an email campaign immediately.

So, the next time when you will sign in, your Mail Chimp or Hubspot account will be waiting with a preconfigured email campaign!

Hire Email Marketing Service to Drive More Traffic

Does your email marketing campaign drives traffic to your website?

Now, increase your rate of conversion by picking our email marketing service that focuses on driving more traffic to your website.

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