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Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from free and natural ways to search engine page results like on Google and Bing.

With the right SEO, you can acquire genuine traffic to your website as well as have a long-lasting impression on search engine pages. But, this process is not easy, you have to put on a lot of effort and Search engine optimization techniques to rank on the first page. It can take a lot of time and more than a month to see satisfying results.

But, the process is endless.

After getting in search engine result, you still have to maintain your website with SEO google analytics, so that your website is considered good.

All the major search engines like Google and Bing are the most used search engine platform to find contents like videos, images, or any local places. These platform rank all the websites in a certain way that is most relevant to the users. They use their own algorithm, and based on the keywords, they display the result.

The best way to get rank on the Google search engine results is to follow the algorithm they use. The website that matches all the rules and guidelines laid by the search engines, they rank that website at the top of the result and so on.

Besides organic ranking, you may have also noticed a search result with “Ad”. These websites bid their site and make payment to get as among the top of the search engine without making much effort on their SEO. Still, to bid for a certain keyword on search engine page is not easy. It also needs a certain tactic and professional guidance. You can hire a professional company that has PPC skills.

Upscalic marketing is ready to help you. We offer both the services Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management. Hire our services to see satisfying results.

Search Engine Optimization Service Drives Traffic To Your Website

Now that you know how effective should be your Search engine optimization strategy, it is essential to review the services offered by us. Every agency is different, you must partner with an effective service provider that offers complete SEO package. 

This is the reason we have a package of services for every type of business:


Our service plans include Search Engine Optimization Audit with the help of which we take the in-depth look at your strategy. We will offer you more technical SEO strategy in one place. 

We have a bunch of SEO specialists who does everything including SEO audit. We understand the importance of audit and offer you a custom strategy for your business. 

Our motive is to bring tailored SEO service list to your business, brand, and audience. 


After auditing, we do competitor analysis by finding your competitors’ SEO service, their usage of keywords, and full website scrutiny. With the help of competitor analysis models, our SEO experts find out the strategy and help you take the benefit from competitor weak points.

We first start by doing a thorough competitor analysis of every quarter. This approach creates an easy understanding of how your competitors are working and how you should work with a new selective approach. 


Our SEO service also extends by offering custom strategy. We follow a personalized approach to your business that help you maximize your Return of Investment from SEO and translates more calls, orders, and company visits.

Further, we ensure that our service is promoting the best cheap SEO service and delivering cookie-cutter or copy and paste strategies.

With a cookie-cutter approach, your business will gain the maximum return of investment. In most cases, the companies will appear on the first page of these kinds of strategies.  


When you have invested in our SEO service, we will offer you the off-page SEO service too. In SEO, the off-page optimization service means the factor that influences your search engine ranking.  

Backlinking is the major thing that describes your search engine ranking in off-page optimization. For example, you may link another website on your blog. 

Our SEO service also offers complete off-page SEO service solution such as:

  • Promote your website  
  • Prepare high-quality shareable content and make efforts for content marketing.
  • Monitor your company mention’s across the social media channels. 
  • Optimize your business in Google My Business profile


Another facility offered by us is on-page optimization service. In this, we focus on the primary features of your website for search engines like Google.

A few on-page SEO examples includes:

  • Update the title tags, meta description, and Heading format for search.  
  • Audit your complete website information format, redirection links, and internet linking structure.  
  • Create a sitemap
  • Optimize your website’s images by using Alt text name.  
  • Research and optimize the website with relevant keywords. 
  • Find out the usability, speed, and design of your site. 

On-page is one of the best ways to succeed in SEO. We ensure that we pay attention to each detail and generate the best-looking website that is readable by search engines. 


Our services won’t end up till here; we also provide regular monthly reports of your website. With the help of a performance SEO report google, you can easily receive insight into your business and know how effective the SEO strategies were. The report covers, website organic traffic conversion rate, and search engine ranking result. 

Besides this, you can ask us questions; review the report, and more. We make a routine meeting with you time to time that will help you in tracking the website information more accurately. 


SEO is a continuous strategy. Even after you have reached the top on search engine pages, your SEO effort should not stop. So, when you are collaborating with us, we will be working as an extension for your business. Our initial plan will be for 3 months. You can extend the plan if you find satisfying results and competing for progressive optimization.

We optimize your site continuously even after your site has met the SEO standards. Our Search engine optimization strategy will help your business throughout to earn more.

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

If you are a small local store and want to acquire popularity in your nearby area then local SEO is the best option for you.

You have a simpler and quicker opportunity to rank among your local competitors without fearing to compete with big giants like Amazon or Walmart.

Google gives local businesses preference in their nearby areas that help local residents to find a specific shop. For instance, if anybody searches on Google “best digital marketing agency near me“, then your search may likely to appear in your nearby areas. 

Even, Google says that 46% of searchers search for local business and information first. But, this won’t be enough, you have to show Google you’re really a local business by competing with other restaurants near your area.

Our local Search engine optimization service, assures you following services:

  • Location Pages – Our SEO specialist create pages for you in different metro regions, outlying towns, and create customized content for the local visitor.
  • Directories – Our local SEO tool helps in ensuring your business information and list it among the local directories. 
  • Google My Business (GMB) – It is quite essential to be known to your customers by being on GMB and Yelp.  
  • Google Maps – If you are also available on Google map, then you could be a meeting spot for your several customers. Travellers travel more than 1/2 billion on Google Maps annually. 

Contact Our Search Engine Optimization Services Experts

You may have learned above that SEO is more than just doing keyword research and creating SEO content. From finding advanced tools to having an expert working on it, you may need help. 

Upscalic Marketing manages all this and more. We have generated some positive results of many clients all around the world and look forward to taking your task like our’s own. 

Our strategic efforts and our wide goal meeting strategy will definitely bring you a maximum number of leads and sales.

Besides this, our Search Engine optimization pricing package has three best alternatives: Basic, Standard, and Advance. You can choose any package based on your requirements. 

We are open to all types of business and budgets.

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