Video Marketing Service

Nowadays, the scope of video marketing has increased immensely more than ever!

If you own a website then a youtube video marketing service is a must for several reasons:

  1. It will create a better user experience,
  2. your website quality score will increase,
  3. enhances online reputation,
  4. decreases bounce rates, and
  5. engages visitors on your website for more time.

YouTube is the most popular search engine after Google. Certainly, you can’t ignore its importance and how many visitors it can grab you for your website or your service.

A web page that contains videos creates a 157% increase in organic traffic. In the coming years, videos will account for the majority of online traffic. You can’t ignore the importance of video marketing services as their benefits.

If you are planning to include a video in your marketing and advertising plan, you are making a smart move. This will not only attract customers but also give a boost to your marketing plan. 

Upscalic Marketing offers video marketing services in India and all around the world. We use some unique tools that help in making a supreme video which can easily be added for all types of video marketing such as social media videos, video advertising, and website videos. If you wish to attract your audience, then a video marketing company is available for you.

Did you know these facts on Video?

  • Just one minute video can be worth 1.8 million words
  • Majority of consumers shopping online says online product videos help them in making more better and confident decisions. 
  • People retain 95% of the message from the video.
  • Studies show that about 74% of users bought a product after watching an explainer video. 
  • Those people who watch videos are more likely to stay on the site for two minutes longer than average. Also, 64% of them are more likely to purchase the product.
  • A video has greater chances to appear on Google first page than any traditional web pages

Why Should you take Video Marketing Service?

There is simply a bulk of Video marketing benefits and reasons why many marketers prefer it. Also, it has the full scope of being the #1 tool for business promotion and advertisement.

  • The audience feels connected to a video more than the content. 
  • Many people prefer using video marketing to increase search rankings over another advertisement medium.
  • The website owner can grow their website conversion rates. 
  • Customer loyalty and branding will increase. 
  • It is more cost-effective than any other distribution media.

Types of Video Marketing Services we offer

We use high-quality digital content and come out with the best video using a script, graphics, images, animation, effects, and text. After the video is finalized, it is then distributed to many popular sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, Instagram, Daily Motion, Buffer, etc. 

We ensure that our innovative video will help in sending the right message to the audience and will help in enhancing your brand’s image. At Upscalic Marketing, we have top talents of a video maker artist and marketing expert who will further look after the created video. Also, they will ensure further that the video is appreciated by your targeted audience. 

We offer the following types of video marketing services:

  • Product Launch Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Commercial Ad Videos
  • User Guide Video
  • Story Video
  • Social Media Video
  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Messaging Videos
  • Training & Coaching Videos
  • Website videos (that will help un showing in search engine results)
  • And Much More

How to do Video Marketing?

If you are tensed about how to do video marketing then we are there to plan, create, distribute and optimize your brand with the best video. Our concept will ensure that you get maximum exposure and attention from your targeted audience.

If you are a little worried about our process or how we will manage, below are our strategies that will assure you why is video marketing so effective:

1. Creation of Custom Video Channel

We start with creating a video channel for you on a platform such as YouTube and MetaCafe. Our team of experts specifically create client-specific videos and looks after every minute detail and business specifications that should be included in the services. 

We bring ideas and concepts for your video and create a checklist to measure which content gets maximum attention

2. Optimize the Video

Our every video is fully optimised, keeping all elements in mind such as keywords, title, description, tags, links, and custom audio features. Optimising your video gets them higher rankings on Search engine pages and thereby grabbing better audience outreach.

3. Create a call to action

This is also a critical part of the video content marketing process. If the viewer isn’t aware of what he has to do after watching the video, he will not be able to make a firm decision. 

With the help of call-to-action, you will not lose any sales. Our video will comprise all the call-to-action that will help your viewer take a better decision and land him in the next step of the sales process (whether signing up for a free trial or store checkout).

Our main principle will be to provide the shortest path to the user so that he doesn’t get confused. 

4. Syndicate the Video

After creating the video, we start the syndication process and premiere the video on all video streaming sites, most importantly on YouTube and MetaCafe. With the help of our video syndication plan, we send and market the video on all the premium social bookmarking sites, podcast sites, article sites and blogging sites. In this way, we can send your business message to several people who could end up becoming your customer and client. 

5. Offer Free Reports Weekly-Basis

We offer you a full analytics report of the video and send it to you every week. Our weekly reports will include all the activities performed and milestones achieved. 

The reporting will be highly transparent which will include the reporting process and will update you about your campaign progress. 

We have a specialized video marketing consultant who will handle your video campaign and will resolve any concerns as soon as they appear. The reporting will let you understand your campaign’s success and enable you to generate more revenue.

To hire our expert video marketing team, contact us now or get a free quote!

Make Your Video in Budget

Our customized video marketing plan lets you to easily choose the budget plan.

We have our pricing divided into three categories: Basic, standard, and advanced. So, based on your business budget, you can choose our budget video marketing services

To get our service, fill out the form, and specify what type of resource and service you require and we will get you best pricing package in the market with unsurpassed work. 

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