Have You Done These Things To Promote Your Business?

Every business needs exposure to increase revenue and sales. If you are one of the businesses who understand the importance of promoting your business then you must be looking for some easy and efficient strategy that will lead to a cluster of customers!

You are at the right place!

Today we will reveal the best ways to promote your business without spending any additional cost!

Let’s begin!

Ask an Influencer for brand promotion 

Sometimes what an influencer can do, you may take months to get there.

An influencer is a person who has a good number of followers on social media account and they can easily reach out to their audience for your product promotion. It is the fastest and most easy way to market your brand and business.

Many big businesses use this marketing strategy to promote their business.

But, the only critical point in this strategy is that the influencers may cost a high amount to promote your business. While few influencers may share your content if they find it meaningful and knowledgeable.

Basically, you must know the right ways to pitch the influencer. You can send them a killer email describing your content and product you are publishing. If they liked your concept, they may share it.

Tip- Don’t directly ask them to share on their social media account. 

Add call to action in your team’s Email Signatures

On average, the office worker sends about 122 emails per day and a business having more than ten staff sends about 600 outbound emails per day.

This is one of the best strategies that will answer your question – how to advertise your business for free?

These emails are a promotional opportunity to generate leads. This is one of the reasons why traditional email signatures should be replaced by a call to action.

With the help of call to action, your readers will get the attention instead of writing your employees’ job titles or websites or your favourite quote.

The power of customer’s word of mouth

About 54% of customers visit a website after researching it online and reading a positive review of the business. About 84% of people trust these review like a personal recommendation.

Today’s customer has become very well aware and so knowledgeable that they are ready to help others and explain their experience. This is the reason customer’s review and their customer more importance.

The result?

Now, the buyers make their purchase decision only after reading other customer’s positive review and finding it relevant. The buyer’s engagement with brands has shifted drastically.

Here’s a path to purchasing decision that a customer makes after seeing the advertisement.

Connect with People Who Have Linked to Similar Content

You can also follow people/ influencers and find out the contents they have linked. Introduce them better content on your website, and get backlinks.

Multiple tools help in finding you the links to the website and URL. You can choose Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer where you can easily locate any similar content, copy the URL and paste them into Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer. You will get a list of some pages that have linked to your new content. Visit BuzzStream and find contact’s information.

Next, don’t forget to follow the obvious digital marketing strategy mentioned on the next point.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the technique that will give you all answers on how to promote my business on google for free?

Search engine optimization is a genuine and organic way to drive customers on your website. You won’t have to spend a single penny on advertising your content and website. But, by using an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy, you can bring your website on the first page of search engine results and convert them into your customers.

Probably, vising your website and converting into a customer has a huge gap. Read the below point to fill those gaps.

Create an attractive high converting landing Page 

An effective landing page is the first step towards a successful marketing strategy. No matter, how good your service and product is. Unless you don’t create a CTR worthy landing page, your visitors won’t get converted into leads. No matter, how stellar your PPC ads campaign is.

You must follow the below practices on your landing page to convert your visitors into customers:

  • Clean and organized design
  • Offer natural navigation
  • Only one call to action, so that visitor doesn’t get confused
  • Use the header to publish offer value
  • Mention about trust signals
  • Mobile friendly
  • Short sign up or other forms
  • Try A/B testing

Offer a Free Or any discounted Product/Service

Any offer or discount to new customers pulls them to make a quick decision.

Based on your business model, you can find genuine customers who may need your service but because of the price issue, they may be postponing. Also, this will give you a chance to stand your prices out among your competitors and bring the majority of customers towards you.

There are many ways which you can use to bring traffic, sales, referrals, leads, etc. This strategy is a winning stroke in many e-commerce stores.

how to advertise your business for free

And, probably, now, you’ll see almost all e-commerce stores are offering discounts and offers to grab customers and do business online marketing.

The last tip is bringing customers from social media channels.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you are wondering how to promote your business on social media then you let me tell you that it is the easiest strategy you can do (even on your own).

Though it is the easiest yet many fail to bring genuine leads and customers on their web page. They may get likes and comments but are they converting them into customers?

Here also, an attractive landing page and a good display ad play an important role. If both these factors are approved by your audience then you can easily bring genuine leads and even convert them into your customers.


To promote your business online with successful results, you have to increase your efforts at every digital medium. If you think that hiring an SEO specialist would help, then you have to think again. As the Google algorithm keeps on changing and just optimizing your website won’t give you fruitful results but you also have to work on building backlinks, creating quality content as well as external promotion.

If all these efforts are combined for promotion of your business then you will surely forget to keep the count on growing customers.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the above mention strategy. Or, if you want to tell with us any other promotional trick, do share with us here!

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