8 SEO Mistakes That You Might Be Making Unknowingly

Search Engine Optimization techniques are mandatory for all website owners. If your website is not practising SEO strategy keywords then it will have no chance to rank good on Google. Maybe your website will be total crap for search engines.

Of course, you don’t want that! 

Optimizing your blog and website is the first critical element towards content marketing strategy. There are so many reasons that prove that digital SEO marketing can be overwhelming who have just started up their website and don’t know its importance. Many website owners try to optimize their website using online information and making various algorithm developments as per the consumer’s perspective. 

So, how to make SEO work for your website?

Are you following all the technical aspects of SEO? 

Or, do you think you might be making mistakes while performing any of technical SEO audit? Well, whatever may be the case whether you doubt your strategies or not, SEO mistakes are very common and many people unknowingly do it.

In fact, “Negative SEO” is on the rise and can affect your site drastically.

So, if you don’t want your site to get affected, then you should avoid making these SEO mistakes.

Mistake #1: Choosing the negative SEO keywords

One of the worst things you can do while performing SEO is choosing the wrong keywords. 

These negative SEO keywords affect your site directly and you end up receiving an irrelevant audience which therefore increases bounce rates.

You simply need to understand what does your audience search on Google and understand the nuances behind every keyword.

For instance, if you have an online shoe store then searches for “shoes for sale” and “buy shoes now” both have a different ideology and as a searcher, you have to find what a person wants. 

In other words, are your customers looking for sale in shoes or they want to buy shoes. 

You can use a professional keyword research tool like Ahrefs, keyword researcher, Uber suggest etc. to find the right keywords for your targeted audience.

Mistake #2: Excessive Inclusion of Keywords

The next most important thing is keyword stuffing which can even lead to Google penalty too.

You have to carefully segment your keywords and stuff it evenly in your whole content.

Here’s the example of keyword stuffing:

These stuffed keywords not only hurt the quality of your content but also they affect your Google rankings and may penalize it. 

And thus after getting penalized by Google, it may be difficult to improve your website performance again.

If you are overly using the same keywords again and again then it would sure to affect your website and it may even look as spamming. Therefore, the consequences will be huge for your website!

Mistake #3: Preparing Irrelevant and Short Content

On average, a user spends less than 5 sec on search engines. This means your content should be attractive and relevant that it engages users within that short time. Some business owners focus on creating high-quality content that has a combination of the right keywords and provides value to readers.

Prepare a well-researched content that is anything but short, unhelpful, or too predictable. 

You must create a content that keeps readers engage and they crave to read till the very end. 

Google as well as other search engine make it necessary for website owners to produce content that’s engaging, informative, relevant, and with good grammar. 

Mistake #4: Not paying attention to meta descriptions and title tags

It’s easy to think that you will rank good on search engine result page by doing a little bit of SEO and posting content regularly but it is not that easy. Everything needs to be strategically done to make your website competitive enough to rank on Google.

From placing the right keywords at the right place to adding meta description, title, and tags to every content of your website, you have to optimize your website. Also, ensure that you use the optimal meta title length within the characters limit.

Here’s what the meta title looks like on Google.

And here’s what the meta description looks like.

Mistake #5: Poor and No URL formatting

Links carry a lot of weight to make your content Google friendly. Your website’s every page URL must contain right keywords that make it a linkable content. So, when someone searches those keywords, your URL has better chances of showing up.

Also, if some website is linking your website page or you are linking someone’s website page, search engines learn something about your website. 

Unfortunately, search engines can learn the wrong thing of URL depending on how you type your URLs.

For instance, http://www.yoursite.com and yoursite.com are interpreted differently by search engines. And, it may see those pages as duplicate content. Plus, the link quality on each page has two different address making it hard to rank on SERPs.

By building backlinks, internal links, and outbound links, you can improve the website authority as well as page authority. Also, this way even Search Engines will treat your website at priority and rank our targeted keywords.

Mistake #6: Not fixing or eliminating broken links

When you write more and more, you will have more possibility of broken links. 

Broken links are those links in which content is deleted or the URL has been changed. Commonly, a content URL gets changed especially when you are linking to many external sites. So, you have to stay alert and keep on analysing the broken links with a broken link checker tool.

A broken link is not appreciated by Google as well as it creates a bad user experience on your website too.

So, you must regularly perform the broken links checker analysis and fix the problem right away.  

Mistake #7: Expecting results at Early Stage

We have to agree that SEO takes time. You can’t expect a sudden increase in traffic overnight unless you have performed paid marketing. 

While working on SEO, it might seem that things are not working out and you are unable to get the expected results but we will say never lose hope. 

As this is how SEO works. 

Google can’t crawl and index all site at the very moment on the first page. In has some priority list and to offer a positive experience to users, they analyse each site based on their domain score and how relevant the content is. 

Slowly with constant efforts, you will start seeing the results and this will make SEO a winner’s game.

Thus, you have to work hard for a long time.

Mistake #8: Ignoring to measure performance on Google analytics

After you have successfully created the website and published a few pages by following right SEO, keep your eyes glued on Google analytics performance. Track on what’s working and prepare a report. 

Unfortunately, the trend is generally backward in which you have to handle data. 

This is probably the last thing you have to do and focus your time on the momentum.

Analytics is your best friend that let you find your next strategy and diagnose any difficulties that might occur.


We agree that SEO is an indispensable part of any content marketing strategy but it is also important that you perform it correctly. As if you miss out any of the above-discussed things and make mistakes, then you might hamper your website performance in a big way.

Also, stay alert on the latest SEO techniques as these keeps on changing with the change in Google Algorithm.

 So, if you are serious about your website and business then you must perform the right SEO techniques. 

For help, you can use an email or click on the below CTA, our talented SEO experts can help you optimize your site.

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