What SEO Tactics Won’t Work Now And What Will Work in 2022?

No one knew that the 2020 year could be the revolution time. Last year we have witnessed many new changes in normal routine, many industries as well as businesses. But, among them, one thing has remained common and constant that is social media networks and technology that was growing and thriving. This has raised one more question on us that whether the use of the internet will keep on innovating as it is clear from today that the future internet use and website will increase and so is the need for SEO methods.

Many retail businesses have shifted to online e-commerce websites. This has led to the success of social marketing. Now, almost all transaction is done online such as buying anything and booking appointments. This has not given a boost to just big companies and businesses but also given hope to many small local businesses too. Social marketing is now trending everywhere and is proven to be the best technique to advertise and do the expansion. And now when the business seeks scope and potential in one business, they know that SEO takes a large part in the business game.

The SEO process is a well-researched prediction of what and how internet users search frequently. Now, the old SEO methods have been replaced by new SEO methods. And presently, it is more user friendly and helpful. Like keyword spanning will no longer rank your website on search engines and increase visitors. Google ranks a website today based on the readability of the content and how useful the information is for the user’s query.

SEO Techniques and Strageies That Won’t Work Now

As we got 2020 a surprising year and made changes to new normal life, now it is interesting to witness what will be the new SEO 2022 ranking methods. But before that let’s take a look at the old best SEO methods that won’t work now.

Keyword Stuffing

SEO and keywords come together hand in hand. Whenever you hear SEO, you mostly think of keywords even the first step is the keyword. 

Around a decade ago, keyword density was calculated on basis of the number of keywords used in the content to the number of words on the page.  

There was a percentage ratio that should be hit to rank that keyword. But this is not at all the way now. Stuffing a keyword on the page will lead to spam and your site even have to bear the consequences too for being spammy. Earlier it was easy to manipulate Google but now things have changed a lot and Google algorithm and guidelines are becoming more clever and strict. 

Now, you should focus more on long-tail keywords, related keywords, keyword topics, etc. So, instead of stuffing the same keyword again and again, you must use related keywords in your content.

Spam Comments

This is also one of the most irritating tactics that some SEO markers follow to gain backlinks. Imagine when you read a helpful blog post and you scroll down to the comment section to leave a thoughtful comment or message and then you see a spammy comment like this : 

It leaves a bad impression in readers minds and even may kill conversions rates. Even many big site platforms such as WordPress do no-follow these links that tell search engines not to give authority or concern to that link.

You can even install a plugin that helps in blocking these accounts or ask your permission before publishing such comments to keep your site safe from getting spammed.

Poor UX

To rank your website on search engines, your focus should not only be to build backlinks or keywords but also to take care of all sorts of data. If Google sees that your website has a high bounce rate which means users are not interacting with your site well then search engines mark it as a red flag.   

It signals search engines that your site doesn’t have the helpful data users are looking for and it turns out to be a point of concern. 

Besides this, you must also make sure that your website has a good design, interface, is easy to navigate etc. 

False Links

Earlier in the old times, people played a lot with Google. They used white text on a white background to trick. But the fact is humans can’t see it but search engines can. 

Also, unknowingly many site owners use widgets in their site which also add unnatural links along with the widget. 

Google recommends you to do no follow to these links so that it doesn’t give your website a point of concern.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is also one factor that impacts your website negatively. This affects your site especially when you copy and paste content to different sites such as using article spinners would take few words of content and then jumble the words. These tactics can be easy to detect. Stealing content from another site can also lead your website to trouble. While creating your website content, you have to be unique.

Many E-commerce sites face this because they easily copy and paste other website product descriptions on their site.

duplicate content

So, to follow a successful SEO methods strategy, you must follow that works in the current period approved by Google guidelines. 

Latest SEO Trends 2021

Below are few new SEO trends that you can try in 2022 and which will have an impact on your site.

BERT has gone and replaced by MUM

After the launch of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) in 2019, Google’s algorithm was becoming more understanding and could understand the relationship between words and intent when a search is made. 

BERT is a new approach that helped Google to give voice assistance. People were using voice search to make a query on Google. This has led Google to adapt algorithms using NLP and AI technologies.

BERT was the start of the technology change. In 2021, during a Google I/O conference, it has announced a new technology model for comprehending and repairing its users using a Multitask United Model, or MUM.

MUM uses the T5 text-to-text framework and is undoubtedly better than BERT 1,000 times. MUM brings the best information by understanding your query and giving results available in 75 different languages. For instance, if you are searching for some advice on whether you can wear a certain thing at a certain place. It will bring all the best sources from all websites across the world including the Japanese one. 

MUM is multimodal which means it understands all information well including webpages, pictures and can further expand to more modalities of video and audio.

Google Took Online Shopping Seriously

In the year 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, online shopping became was the only option for consumers. This has arouse the demand for Shopify financial results, and how it passed everyone’s expectations. 

Google has built its online shopping capabilities more strong. Although Google has had online shopping capabilities for the past some years the 2020 year has seen a huge change when it became as popular as Shopify or Amazon. 

We can say now that Google has taken online shopping seriously.

You can rank an Excerpt of a Page

Ever since when search engines came into existence, the SEO and website owners had only one goal to rank their site in number one position. Now, with time, reaching n number one has become a harder goal because of the launch of the ‘zero rank’ position and snippets taking up the top position. 

Fortunately, Google has created a way out to all those website owners and SEO specialists announcing the “passage indexing”. It helps a page to rank for a specific portion like instead of ranking the whole page, it ranks certain text and content of the related search query. This has become easier for SEO practitioners to rank their page using white hat SEO tactics. 

Optimize Your Videos for Suggested Clips

You might know the importance of video marketing in traffic acquisition and lead generation. However, now Google has given it a new meaning and how it positively impacts SEO methods strategy. If you want to search and there is a video available, so google search results show you the selected video clipping suggestion of your query.

During the Google I/O conference in 2020, John Mueller, Google Search Advocate, has confirmed the launch of two new video structured data types for the “Suggested Clips” tab:

  • Clip markup
  • Seek markup

This help to make a new structure of data too that allows in creating key moments. 

UX Design is a Whole New Meaning

The days when you have to optimize a page for a keyword and build backlinks are gone long way back. Although SEO still depends on on-site optimization and link building but these two things are not the only things that matter. 

Page experience is also one important thing that matter and Google defines it as:

“a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value.”

If a user enjoys your website and moves from one page to another, it is also counted as a good point to rank your website. 

Follow the above latest SEO trends of 2021 to improve conversions and to increase your website visitors. Also, make sure you do not make any fault or use old SEO techniques and strategies.

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