What Is Better For You Social Media VS Blog Posts?

When you are planning a digital marketing strategy or campaign, you need always two types of content. One for social media and the other for blog posts.

If you’re thinking about which one is better in social media vs blog or looking for the best one for your website or business then we have covered you ahead.

Both have their importnace and a combination of both is an ideal choice for many businesses.

How Is a Blog Post Helpful?

A blog post is a piece of content that is posted on a website updates regularly to drive traffic and to offer information to visitors. When you are writing content, it should enlighten the user with relevant, and interesting information. It will help you to keep your visitors engaged with the blog.

Also, the best blog post that has the right set of keywords relevant to your business will help Google identify your blog better. But there are certain rules and conditions which you should maintain if you want to learn how to rank on Google.

A perfect blog post idea includes keywords, useful information on the topic, pictures, links to other useful posts, tags, Headings, subheadings, bullet points, Alt tag on images, and lastly a conclusion.

If all these points are combined well, a reader will definitely enjoy reading your blog which will generate engagement.

advantage of blog

What is the Goal of a Blog Post?

Mainly blog posts are written to provide useful information to your visitors, decrease bounce rate, and rank your website high on Google with relevant keywords. 

If your business goal is any of the above, you must include a blog page.

How is Social Media Post Helpful?

Social media posts are added on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Here you need not be descriptive about your topic but you should impress the followers and social media users within 4- 5 seconds with good copywriting and creative image.

For example, Twitter has a limit of only up to 280 characters per post, so you should stick with writing less but noteworthy whereas Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn does not have a limit on post length, you can write some length but be creative and smart not to lose users attention. 

Also, the tricky part in social media posts is there are many other posts already on users feeds. So, it doesn’t mean if someone is following your account, they will end up seeing it. 

You should create engaging social media posts that focus on creating users attention with pictures and videos so that the user connects with them.

What is the Goal of Social Media?

The main goal of social media posts is to get your visitors on your website or buy your product or service. You have to attract viewers attention by posting things of their interested topic and link them to your website. Many businesses and individuals choose specific topics focused on their business niche. By doing this, they can influence and engage their prospective customers/clients. 

Where You Should Place Your Content?

If you are looking to post something on a social media handle but confuse about what thing to post, you can choose one of the social media post examples described below. These social media content ideas will allow your readers to encourage to read or respond with a link, comment, or click. 

  • Photos: By sharing a picture related to your service or help them find what they are looking for, you can put a smile on people’s faces. If you could win their trust, then you are already on the right track.
  • Short copy: Try and create a fun, short, and interesting copy that gives a sense of curiosity so that they visit your website and investigate further. 
  • Anything funny: You can also include a funny meme or a good GIF that is related to your business so that people enjoy and laugh at it. 

Now, what should be a perfect blog page example

There are many ideas and ways through which you can write your blog post, engage visitors, and help them gain some knowledge. 

Here are few blog post ideas you can try out:

  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • How-to Guide
  • Video Focused blog
  • Reasons based blog
  • Question Format
  • Business Real Story
  • Emotional Story
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies

What Should Be Your Business Choice – Social Media vs Blog? 

Many businesses opt for both when it comes to social media vs blog to target a well rounded digital marketing strategy

So, start your website content marketing strategy by creating a high-quality blog post and distribute it on all social networks. Plus you can focus on social media content creation too by creating small videos, pictures, and small engaging copy that get your customers attention.

So, if your business aim is to increase website traffic free and online engagement, then a combination of both social media posts and blog posts is a must. No matter, which method you choose between social media vs a blog, you will create a big influence on your business techniques.

Tell us in the comments below which content marketing strategy you prefer for your business?

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