Why My Website Domain Authority Score Have Went Down?

Did your website experienced a decrease in Domain Authority and don’t know the reason why it happened?

Well, first of all, don’t panic. 

Surely, a decrease in Domain authority is something which you may not take it lightly but if I tell you it happens with everyone or if I tell you that it happened with me too!

This is nothing to worry about. You can get back to the same rank too.

It occurs when Google crawl or re-calibrate their search engine which they do it often hundreds and thousand times. So, there are chances that either you will bounce up or fall or stay at the same level. 

Can the Sites with Low DA Outrank Sites with High DA?

Absolutely. If your site has low DA score, still you can have a good ranking on Google. For instance, Microsoft.com has never outranked Brafton for some keyword such as “Persona Examples” or “B2B Content Marketing.” 

The site authority is determined by the quality of backlinks you have as it is one important factor to decide. 

Now, how these fluctuations occur is also important as how Google does re-calibrating.

Why My Domain Authority Fluctuate?

It is very common for your DA to fluctuate. Though everyone wants it to increase continuously and be relevant so that it doesn’t see a drop. 

That’s OK!

When Google re-calibrate or MOZ update their indexing, you will see a change in your DA score. 

The increase or decrease depending upon which site gets crawled and what thing has changed like change in Google Algorithm.

If you see a drop in a few points, it’s nothing to worry about as your competition has also dropped.

If you want to increase your Domain authority score and find out how to increase domain score then first earn backlinks from high DA value sites. 

You can check our previous article where we mentioned in detail how to build backlinks for a new website.

You have to constantly produce good content and update it on your website. Also, don’t forget to update your old contents too on regular basis.

If you notice that your Domain authority has decreased but your competition DA has increased then you need to worry about as it might be because of your fault or negligence.

What Could Be the Reason of Fall of Domain Authority Score?

If you notice a decrease in your domain authority while your competition DA score is rising then it could be because of the following reasons:

  • Not produced Content on Site

If you haven’t produced any new content on-site when the last time Google crawled your website then, it has higher chances of your website DA score decreasing. 

  • Keyword Stuffing or Duplicate Content

Google might have found out a duplicate or keyword-stuffed keyword on your website. Therefore, you must re-check your content multiple times before publishing it. You can use a plagiarism checker tool that will help you find out the duplicity and remove them.

  • Linked Site has Devalued

The backlinks you have earned from other sites DA score has gone down. It could also be one of the probable reason were your site suffers because of it. 

  • Site Issue

Your site might have issues like it was hacked by someone or it went down for 24 hours or so. Therefore, you must keep a daily check on your site activity so that you don’t have to suffer from these problems.

So, to keep an update on your site DA score, you can use a free domain rating checker tool that will help you to keep an eye on things and figure out what’s going on.

How To Fix Issues?

In case, your website Domain Authority is not increasing nor decreasing and has been stabilized then also you should find out the reason.

  • It could be because of the following reasons:
  • You have most of the site traffic from negative keyword.
  • Your site lack backlinks of educational and good websites
  • Your site may have a huge number of broken links.
  • Most of the articles are not appearing on a high ranking position on Google. 
  • You may be receiving huge bounce traffic.

You can get better clarity on your problem by doing a site audit on Google Analytics and find out all the issues. 

Hence, What You Should Do?

The only thing you should remember is not to PANIC!

Fluctuations of websites are OK—and you should pay attention to your Google ranking position and keep an eye on your competitor’s position too. 

Also, ensure that you do a site audit and track fluctuations every month, not every day or week. 

In case your Domain Authority stays on the same page for more than three months then you must pull your socks and do extra work. 

There are many tools available that will guide you where you are going wrong such as UberSuggest, SEMRush, etc. 

You can increase your Domain authority fast if you follow the right techniques and right methods regularly.

Hope, now you have the answer to your question why has my domain authority dropped? If you are still under pressure and feeling anxious then you can always get an expert to help you with this.

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