Everything You Need To Know About Whatsapp Marketing and How Effective It is?

Whatsapp marketing is a type of messenger marketing that promotes your brand through Whatsapp. The channel reaches the brand through Whatsapp and helps brands reach out to an enormous audience and build strong relationships with customers. You can send messages to your clients and engage them with new offers, deals, and daily updates.

It is a known fact that WhatsApp is the most common and actively used social media messaging app. Around 2.4 billion users across the world use Whatsapp to connect and chat with friends, family, and businesses. Also, many businesses are using it. So, if you are not using Whatsapp marketing in 2023, you are literally missing out on an effective marketing strategy.

WhatsApp is a platform where the open rate is almost 98%. If a WhatsApp message is delivered to a number, then it is bound to be read. Plus, it has clicked through open rate of 45-60%.

Whatsapp generates 5 times more results than the results brought via Email or SMS. This is why WhatsApp marketing should definitely be your top priority.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is promoting your products and services on Whstapp channel to generate sales and purchases for your business. You can send them unique different offers and build your brand authenticity and offer quick customer support. Basically, you will reach people on a platform where 2.4 billion users around the world spend approximately 18.6 hours per month.

Why use WhatsApp Marketing in 2023?

As already discussed above WhatsApp marketing has a more open rate and more used platform. Also, it is no denying fact, if you are sending a message that is useful for the user and somehow they have searched in the past then you will hit more targets at a go. Here’s some quick data you should know about Whatsapp:

  • 2.4 Billion Global Users
  • 98% Message open rate
  • 45-60% Click-through rate
  • 38 Minutes Average Engagement per user daily

More and more businesses are switching towards Whatsapp marketing to be available to their customers on the go and to improve their sales by 25 to 30%.

Below let us explore how many big brands are using and exploring the benefits of Whatsapp Marketing for their business.

What Big Brands are using WhatsApp Marketing?

There are many big brands using the best WhatsApp marketing campaigns and largely dependent on it since its launch!

Let’s check out how they are utilizing the platform to drive sales and offer top-quality support to customers.

  1. Adidas: Rent a Pred
  2. Jio: Offers and plan update
  3. Netflix: Stay In Touch
  4. Lenskart: Discount offers and deals
  5. KLM: Flight Alerts
  6. Flipkart: A Personal Shopper
  7. Klook: Online Bookings
  8. Livon: India’s Next Top Model Season 2
  9. Lavie: Discount and Coupon Code Offer
  10. Disney Hotstart: Plan and Renewal Update
  11. Urbanic: Code and Discount Offer
  12. Nykaa: Deals and Discounts
  13. Paytm: Offers
  14. Myntra: Sale Update

What are the Advantages of Using WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business in 2023?

To make the best use of Whatsapp marketing, you need to select a tool/ app from where you can send your message. A reputed and automated tool can be a good choice. In the tool, you can track your messages sent, delivered, read, and replied to. All these statuses will help you take a closer look at the WhatsApp messages and you can improve your marketing strategy and business outcome.

Below are some of the benefits of WhatsApp marketing in 2023:

1: Build great relationships with customers

More than 55% of people feel more comfortable when they are connected to the brand. It makes Whatsapp Marketing even more connected to a brand and they can build long profound relationships with customers. It will also make customer retention which is 5-25 times lesser than acquisition.

With WhatsApp messaging, you can build more opportunities for your business and create a personal relationship with the, They will feel closer to you and can reach out to you any time of the day. Also, this approach will help you in keeping customers more engaged. Such as you can reach them on different occasions, festivals, birthdays, and so on. This approach will keep customers more engaged with a brand.

2: Generate a higher conversion rate

Choosing a perfect chance for your contact is crucial. Often people may get irritated with phone calls if you stay away from email or social media.

Here is where WhatsApp will come in handy to remind your prospects towards the purchase. Businesses even say to around 40% of customers answer their WhatsApp messages.

By messaging regularly, you will drive conversions. You can message after initial contact and increase the conversion rate by 112.6%. However, WhatsApp marketing is the best way to boost your conversion rate optimization.

3: Improve the sales

WhatsApp marketing will work magic for your sales and you will see an increase in revenue within some time. You just have to add a WhatsApp phone number on your website and engage your audience with regular campaigns and you may see a growing sales by 27%.

By taking this opportunity to reach your customers through Whatsapp messages, you can instil confidence about your brand in your potential customers. At least they will feel more positive about your business before making a purchase.

Better that you can implement WhatsApp marketing alone as a sales channel for your business. Around 60% of consumers will believe in your product and service more before they make a purchase in future.

4: The marketing cost is very low

WhatsApp is very cheap and affordable which even a new business can easily afford. You just need to get the subscription to a tool and start sending messages. The good part is that Whatsapp allows you to send 1000 free messages per day after your FB verification process is complete. And, eventually based on your WhatsApp quality rating your message-sending limit will increase and you can easily send messages but after the 1000 messages, Whatsapp will charge you a very minimal amount per message.

With this simple investment, you can reach your customers and improve your interaction with them.

Well, that sums it up!

WhatsApp marketing boosts the conversion rate, improves your sales, and allows you to build a deep-quality relationship with the customer. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and implement this WhatsApp marketing strategy for your own business.

WhatsApp Marketing is a very good strategy to drive sales and provide quality customer support to your audience and establish a good brand image for your company.

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