6 Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Marketing Team ASAP!!

Hiring a marketing team is no easy job. You cannot judge a person marketing quality by seeing their resume, qualification, etc., unlike a software engineer job where you can see a person expertise by testing his coding skills. Therefore, finding the best marketing team at the right time and making change in marketing strategy could bring better results.

A good marketer needs a lot of qualities, the first and foremost is that he/she must understand the psychology of a customer/client. The better he understands your customer, the better he can bring results. And, secondly, a great marketer must create a solid marketing strategy before campaigning where your chances to succeed increase by three and a half times.

Also, there are several other factors too that an ideal marketer must possess to succeed in his marketing plan. Starting from creating a solid foundation for marketing strategy and ensuring that all marketing team follows it. Ahead in the blog post, you will learn when you need to bring change in marketing strategy.

To achieve this, you have to focus on your marketing team and find out whether they are following the right marketing strategies or why look marketing team for hire.

Situations When You Must Change in Marketing Strategy and Hire a New Marketing Team

When you think your results are not improving then consider these 6 situations for changing your marketing team.

#1: When you are not making a strategy considering the audience

The audience is the core of your marketing plan. If you can understand your audience behaviour well then you can easily hit the ball. Just listen to what your audience says. You can research on them, know through social media, perform a customer survey, or do a quantitive analysis, there are a lot of ways to find out what’s going on in your audience mind.

And, if you think your team is not considering these things and making a plan which doesn’t hit the bull’s eye or anywhere near then your marketing team might not be right. Certainly, now you must think about how to manage your marketing team and hire a fresh one.

#2: When you are not changing your marketing strategy with time

If your marketing team have made a strategy that is 2 or 3 years old or copied any successful marketing strategy, make sure they have an update as it is not neccessary that what works for others or 2 years before will work in your case too. Today the pace has gone too fast that even a marketing strategy created 24-36 months ago also need new developments. 

Consider all newer marketing techniques that are coming across and stay up to date. We even recommend you revisit your every strategy after 12 months to ensure that it is following the core values for your business in today’s times or not.

#3: When you are not checking or analysing data

Data reveal a lot about what changes have occurred or which is the ultimate place to get customers. Analytics help a lot in finding consumer behaviour, improving decision making, and bringing ROI with efficient marketing efforts. 

When a marketer will address these aspects adequately, the business will be able to protect the market share and will expand. You can collect data by running ads, doing market research, commercial transactions, or even doing a competitive analysis, interests and other metrics.

If your marketers are not analysing data or studying audience behaviour then you must look for a digital marketing team for hire.

#4: When you are ranking for the wrong keywords

Although it is a good thing when you rank for a keyword you are targetting, but if it is not converting or not landing on the right page? Well, it does happen when you are targeting the wrong keywords or it is not the keyword you are targetting for that particular page.

It is not easy for a website to rank for a competitive keyword if the phrase comes once or twice in the site content. And, if you are ranking for some other keyword that you use in your content but don’t want to rank for then you should probably stop talking about it.

#5: When your DA Score is constantly decreasing

It’s a challenge to achieve a high DA score for your website. Especially when your website is new, it takes a lot of time to earn a high DA score. This means if any website has a high DA score of 75, it means the website is old and they have been constantly following SEO and all right tricks without involving in scams.

On the other hand, if a website has a DA score of 20 which means it is new.

But what if your website DA score is constantly decreasing? Well, it is a clear indicator that you haven’t produced any content since the last time Google crawled your website, or you may be involved in spamming techniques like keyword stuffing or using duplicate content.

#6: When you are not getting conversions

If you are getting clicks but they are not converting then it may be a clear indicator that you are lacking something in your marketing conversion funnel. You must create a clear funnel for your audience so that they can easily get converted and become your customers. Sometimes, a marketer may not able to bring the audience to the right landing page. Therefore, that is the time you need to check the following aspects in your marketing team.

  • Does your marketing team know your audience well 
  • Your website is getting traffic but it is not your prospective customers
  • Marketers haven’t made a conversion funnel yet
  • They not building or sustaining your leads
  • The ad or offer isn’t compelling as your text/content
  • Your website or landing page may be too complex to understand
  • You are not testing your traffic well 

Somehow, finding the right reason why you are not getting the right traffic or why the traffic is not converting is the concern which you need to think about. If you could relate any of the above points and think your marketing team is not considering these clear indicators or not working on anything to improve them then it is the time when you need to change in marketing strategy and hire a new team.

How to Make Marketing Improvement Plan

One of the top benefits of digital marketing in today’s time is data. If you have a good number of right data to analyze and study the market, you can understand the audience and concept better. The data will help you understand your customers better, track KPI through marketing channels, and track your performance in a marketing campaign. 

Also, focusing on your campaign constantly will help and improve in better optimizing your campaigns. Even small changes can result in significant changes and give you higher ROI. 

So, start with finding experienced and skilful marketers and change in marketing strategy.

Contact our expert digital marketers to get a successful marketing improvement plan.

Share with us in the comments below what your marketing team do and whether they are helpful for your business or not!

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