How Is The WordPress Plugin Useful For Digital Marketing Automation?

If you own a website on WordPress then we have covered you with some best digital marketing automation tools also known as WordPress plugins!

WordPress is an open-source development content management system written in PHP. This content management system is one of the most uncomplicated and potent forms of blogging and content available today.

Although WordPress started as a blogging system, it has been designed to be a complete content management system (CMS). It includes various plugins like¬†WooCommerce product videos, widgets, and beautiful and trendy themes. These days, WordPress is used for multiple popular blogs, news, music websites, and various business websites for reading e-commerce websites. Even, WordPress in digital marketing has made marketers’ jobs easy in checking on-page SEO optimization and helping them improve their marketing.

The simplicity and flexibility of WordPress make it easy to categorize in search engines as well as modern websites. WordPress can be installed in many different ways. Themes are used to change the design and interests of a website.

This helps installers provide features on the website during installation and can also provide options such as social media feed integration, user management, graphic design, and more. In this sense, WordPress in digital marketing is helpful in the following ways:

#1. Content Marketing

Now, more than ever, you can’t miss a beat regarding your marketing strategy. With WordPress marketing automation, you can quickly complete your plan since the beginning of this CMS as a blogging tool. The WordPress backend creates an easy-to-use interface for writing, editing, and publishing blog posts. Plus, you can add additional features to expand your arsenal of tools for creating perfect posts.

Constantly adding new content to your site will significantly improve your search engine optimization (more on the other side), and WordPress makes content marketing more manageable and more convenient.

#2. Website Portal

Website portals, when done correctly, can provide a compelling experience for their visitors. WordPress has several plugins to help you manage your membership needs.

With it, you can effectively manage your membership, sell products, organize events, provide payment options, and more.

#3. SEO Optimized

One of the compelling benefits was that WordPress became the obvious choice for us, Google, who love WordPress sites. WordPress uses clean, easy-to-read code, making it easy for Google to index and crawl their sites.

WordPress also has several plugins to help you make your site more user-friendly. The Yoast SEO plugin is the gold standard for search engine optimization. It allows you to categorize your site’s title, meta description, title tags, and keywords and then gives you an overview of that page’s ranking quality. Free at best.

#4. Analytics

There is no good plan if you do not have measurable data to recover. WordPress automation has a lot of reporting information, including built-in tools by default.

Now Google Analytics is another reporting service perfect for integrating with WordPress. This is important because you can manage your site to attract more users. It would be best if you focused on the number of visitors visiting your site and the time they spend on it.

#5. Conversion

Conversion – turning visits into leads/sales – is easy with CMS. You can check what is being visited, shared, or what is not. Then correct or remove the bad and add the good.

You can also see which calls belong to projects and which do not. With WordPress, you can try many offers and calls. So, after confirming a suggestion/call for the activity that doesn’t work, you can change it to something else that might give better results.

Your website design/development company can embed calls and calls to actions such as buttons, style blocks, etc. and with the help of an installer, a developer can quickly fix it.

#6. User Experience

For users and website owners, WordPress is second to none. There are plenty of plugins to use your website and hundreds of mobile-friendly WordPress themes so that you can expect the same user experience on any device.

For owners and developers, the backend is more user-friendly than other content management systems, allowing for easier maintenance and improved user experience.

#7. Flexible

WordPress offers a massive library of plugins and themes to add functionality to your site. Alternatively, you can ask the developer to create and add a custom plugin that works well with your WordPress site. This means that you will always have a choice when customizing your WordPress website.

WordPress automation boasts that the platform it was built on is widely supported. And since it’s an open statement, it can be placed anywhere. Unfortunately, with all these benefits, websites developed with WordPress can have immediate problems. But there are many easy ways to speed up your WordPress site.

#8. Easy to maintain and update

WordPress is an intuitive CMS that anyone can handle by anyone. We often have clients who want to manage their site so they can advertise their updates and make changes to what’s needed when needed, and WordPress makes it easy for them. It’s easy to pick up and understand, and you don’t need to know any code to leave comments or post new content.

WordPress offers a great option to provide our customers because it is not intimidating and gives them the freedom to use their website even when it is convenient. You can also set up automatic security and technical updates to know your site is always well protected with the latest technologies for smooth digital marketing automation.

#9. Responsive themes

A responsive website is essential and required by the Google search engine. With the proliferation of mobile devices, people are more likely to view your site through mobile devices.

So, the benefits of digital marketing are here. It is best to choose a theme that is simple and easy to use. You can get a fully responsive and ready website that only WordPress can offer.

#10. e-Commerce

E-commerce websites have grown steadily since 2013, with 45.4% per cent of websites now powered by e-commerce. While many eCommerce ads generate this percentage, WooCommerce takes the most at 31%. WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce extension that is just as easy to use as WordPress.

In terms of your digital marketing, WooCommerce integrates your customer reviews and product sales, which can be used as part of your advertising and email guidelines.


All WordPress users are aware of writing blogs on websites which is impossible to do without the right plugins and add-ons. However, thousands of plugins are no longer supported or are outdated. To optimize the plugin library can be tested and analyzed. Therefore, it is better to research and look for a suitable plugin to improve website performance and generate leads.

To let an expert help you, contact us, we have a team of digital marketing automation specialists who help in making your marketing process simpler and boost your search engine rankings.

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